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Sunday, September 30, 2007


It's difficult to know what to do to help [in Burma].-AS

That's ridiculous, since the 'playbook' is in use again over at AEI.

  • 1. Declare the leadership a threat, both in capabilities and intent (the more fearsome the better).
  • 2. Offer anecdotal proof that they are intransigent and cannot be reformed.
  • 3. Declare regime change the only policy and everyone else unpatriotic or French weasels.

Any questions?

Deployment costs? You got to be kidding, right? Just asking is "not helpful". The day after? - we'll blame the State Department, o.k.?

Right Hollow-men

What's the conservative blogosphere for? -AS

My 2-cents: Such as it is, to prevent the Conservative faithful from thinking ... and doubting.

Orrin Hatch Sets up Hate Crimes Legislation to Fail in Conference

Joe Solomonese, HRC Director, has put forward a video warning people that federal hate-crimes legislation for gays and lesbians has just passed a first hurdle this week.


Looking through the bill, however, I see a maneuver that was used in 2000 to delay and postpone enacting an appropriate law. Back then, the hate-crimes measure was killed in conference in favor of 'more study'.

Attached to this year's defense authorization (HR 1585), Senator Hatch's amendment (SA 3047), passed 96-3, which I believe is just a set-up for this language to be what is kept in the conference report while the rest ... gets jettisoned.

Although cloaked in the guise of caring or equality, the disgustingly anti-gay animus behind the votes against federal hate-crimes legislation and for 'more study' is fairly plain.

  • 1. The current hate-crimes legislation is 'working' for the Justice department. The longtime failure to add 'sexual orientation' and 'gender identity' is shameful, doubly so given the longstanding, vocal endorsement from the Nation's law enforcement community.

  • 2. If all these crimes are already being 'dealt with', as certain arch-conservatives contend, vocally and stridently, then passing such legislation would have no impact and would bring up no issues of 'Constitutionality', simply because there would be no cases to litigate.

    In other words, if there is no hate crime in America OR it is is already being handled, then this law is will have no impact, by those same assumptions.
Why, then, object so strongly? Why not just accommodate the request, if you believe that there is no worry?

The almost inescapable conclusion is that those Senators who are accepting delay are abetting those States in which hate-crime legislation is probably needed the most, not wholly unlike the case when folks were going around hanging people in the South while 'justice' looked the other way, quite often. During those times, the Senate itself was also shamefully paralyzed.

The press speculated years ago that those States most adverse to even data collection for hate crimes were those, particularly in the South, who were afraid of having the truth-in-statistics about what was going on make them 'look bad'.

If ever there were a time NOT to have 'federalism', it is when equivalent justice is hard to come by, intra-state, so blatantly.

On the other hand, in States like Utah, who have a mostly-for-show Human Rights Commission (toothless, no legal jurisdiction or authority), their principle objection is that the other 49 States cannot tell them to get their laws in line. Yet, this is precisely what has been needed. We would never tolerate a State that decided to go back to Jim Crow, why should we tolerate a State that cannot bring itself to formally recognize that homosexuals ... exist?


The details of the $10 million dollar, two-year study are shown below.

Note that no local jurisdiction is required by this law under penalty to keep accurate statistics on hate crime. Many people believe that hate-crimes are seriously under-reported, for a host of reasons.

Therefore, as far as LGBT, this study will show nothing more than what is available from the current data set and it will offer as biased a result. (I cannot understand why the entire Senate would vote for it.)

And what would it show to anti-gay Senators anyway? That over a small period of time, jurisdictions without hate-laws punished people maybe just as much as jurisdictions with hate-crimes laws? So what? Does that mean crime is never going to start-up again or ebb and flow? Hardly. This posturing is will simply fill a need for the 'next round' of the propaganda to mask their anti-gay animus, in all likelihood.

If you think that is just being cynical, it's not. Some Senators do not even read the reports that they sent taxpayers money to create. Look here, from 2002, just five years ago:

Although the Committee agrees with Senator Hatch [in the 2007 round, Senator Sessions, too] concerning the proper role of the Federal Government in prosecuting criminal conduct, the Hate Crimes Act is consistent with a long history of Federal involvement in combating criminal conduct.
There are already more than 3,000 Federal crimes.

What's more, are we supposed ignore that it may well be the case that some gay people move out of hate-filled States, in part because they are afraid for their safety and because they have no protections there? Is this the America we want? Is that in the 'study'?

Last, even if the numbers come out equally among jurisdictions studied, what does that have to do with a functioning Justice department, per se? The fact of the matter may be that a legion of people scanning news items for potential bias crime are what is putting the statistics right, not any amount of 'proper functioning' of 'the system' under current laws ...

On the other hand, what if it does show something, as the general numbers suggest, that gays and transgender folks continue to be targeted for violent acts beyond what one would expect? How do you apologize for the cost of your endless delay to the victims, Senator Hatch? By saying you "abhor it" or that it is a regrettable tragedy related to the perpetrator, in which the call for justice doesn't make you culpable?


The effort to study 'age' and 'gender' is ultimately just a way to confuse the issue, strictly from an LGBT viewpoint.

Some jurisdictions do have laws that address 'age' in one way or another. At the same time, most people do not believe that violence against older people is related to a unique or historical animus against old people and that 'age' is just a proxy for 'fragile'. No similar proxy exists, that I can think of, for 'sexual orientation', 'race', 'religion', etc.

SA 3047. Mr. CASEY (for Mr. HATCH) proposed an amendment to amendment SA 2011 proposed by Mr. NELSON of Nebraska (for Mr. LEVIN) to the bill H.R. 1585, to authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2008 for military activities of the Department of Defense, for military construction, and for defense activities of the Department of Energy, to prescribe military personnel strengths for such fiscal year, and for other purposes; as follows:

At the appropriate place in the substitute add the following:


(a) Studies.--


(A) DEFINITION OF RELEVANT OFFENSE.--In this paragraph, the term ``relevant offense'' means a crime described in subsection (b)(1) of the first section of Public Law 101-275 (28 U.S.C. 534 note) and a crime that manifests evidence of prejudice based on gender or age.

(B) COLLECTION FROM CROSS-SECTION OF STATES.--Not later than 120 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Comptroller General of the United States, in consultation with the National Governors' Association, shall, if possible, select 10 jurisdictions with laws classifying certain types of offenses as relevant offenses and 10 jurisdictions without such laws from which to collect the data described in subparagraph (C) over a 12-month period.

(C) DATA TO BE COLLECTED.--The data described in this paragraph are--

(i) the number of relevant offenses that are reported and investigated in the jurisdiction;

(ii) the percentage of relevant offenses that are prosecuted and the percentage that result in conviction;

(iii) the duration of the sentences imposed for crimes classified as relevant offenses in the jurisdiction, compared with the length of sentences imposed for similar crimes committed in jurisdictions with no laws relating to relevant offenses; and

(iv) references to and descriptions of the laws under which the offenders were punished.

(D) COSTS.--Participating jurisdictions shall be reimbursed for the reasonable and necessary costs of compiling data collected under this paragraph.


(A) IN GENERAL.--Not later than 18 months after the date of enactment of this Act, the Comptroller General of the United States shall complete a study and submit to Congress a report that analyzes the data collected under paragraph (1) and under section 534 of title 28, United States Code, to determine the extent of relevant offense activity throughout the United States and the success of State and local officials in combating that activity.

(B) IDENTIFICATION OF TRENDS.--In the study conducted under subparagraph (A), the Comptroller General of the United States shall identify any trends in the commission of relevant offenses specifically by--

(i) geographic region;

(ii) type of crime committed; and

(iii) the number and percentage of relevant offenses that are prosecuted and the number for which convictions are obtained.

(b) Assistance Other Than Financial Assistance.--At the request of a law enforcement official of a State or a political subdivision of a State, the Attorney General, acting through the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and in cases where the Attorney General determines special circumstances exist, may provide technical, forensic, prosecutorial, or any other assistance in the criminal investigation or prosecution of any crime that--

(1) constitutes a crime of violence (as defined in section 16 of title 18, United States Code);

(2) constitutes a felony under the laws of the State; and

(3) is motivated by animus against the victim by reason of the membership of the victim in a particular class or group.

(c) Grants.--

(1) IN GENERAL.--The Attorney General may, in cases where the Attorney General determines special circumstances exist, make grants to States and local subdivisions of States to assist those entities in the investigation and prosecution of crimes motivated by animus against the victim by reason of the membership of the victim in a particular class or group.

(2) ELIGIBILITY.--A State or political subdivision of a State applying for assistance under this subsection shall--

(A) describe the purposes for which the grant is needed; and

(B) certify that the State or political subdivision lacks the resources necessary to investigate or prosecute a crime motivated by animus against the victim by reason of the membership of the victim in a particular class or group.

(3) DEADLINE.--An application for a grant under this subsection shall be approved or disapproved by the Attorney General not later than 10 days after the application is submitted.

(4) GRANT AMOUNT.--A grant under this subsection shall not exceed $100,000 for any single case.

(5) REPORT AND AUDIT.--Not later than December 31, 2008, the Attorney General, in consultation with the National Governors' Association, shall--

(A) submit to Congress a report describing the applications made for grants under this subsection, the award of such grants, and the effectiveness of the grant funds awarded; and

(B) conduct an audit of the grants awarded under this subsection to ensure that such grants are used for the purposes provided in this subsection.

(6) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS.--There is authorized to be appropriated $5,000,000 for each of the fiscal years 2008 and 2009 to carry out this section.

What is the price of your opinion?

Some days you just find a contrast so strange it stands out.

A million dollars at a pop ["Freedom Watch", latest big money conduit]


One vote at a time
[ActBlue webstie]

I think an economist should come up with a "mp" quotient. Like a "q" rating, it measures the amount of money someone has to spend to change (or keep) your vote ...

A Very Early Peek at the Swing States

This is how the 'prediction markets' website, intrade.com, has those willing to bet money ranking the swing states for '08.

Dems do not yet have a majority of the swing state electoral votes or the 270 electoral votes for a win, based on these figures only. Accordingly, this may just show where some folks think the hottest states to contest will be.

Of course, if you think these are wrong, you can make money betting the other way.

StateDEMREPChng Wk. Dem/RepBid-Ask. Dem/RepElec. Vote
New Hampshire*72.5180/03%/n.m.4
New Mexico5139.50/0n.m.5
Same-sex marriage: *Poor choice (disallowed by statute);•Big hate (Constitutional ignorance); ‡Super big hate (bigoted, mean-spirited exclusion from everything)

note: change from prior week not shown because of lack of data, numbers with high % bid-ask are just indicative, mere guesstimates.

Friday, September 28, 2007

For the Record: 2007 Hate Crimes Vote


For the record, you can read the 2007 record of the "most deliberative body in the world" give an hour or so of time to hate crimes legislation, with Republican senators opposed alternating between calling it "not thought through" and the same thing for 10 years.

Senator Kennedy, whatever his faults, is such a lion on a lot of these issues, that the Senate Chamber won't be the same without him.

Rising to speak in favor: Kennedy, Smith (co-sponsor), Feinstein, Levin, Kerry.

Rising to speak against: Hatch, Graham, Cornyn, Sessions.

I have yet to read all of Hatch's latest escape-hatch legislation, that was also put up and approved.


Almost all of those speaking against the bill tried to reduced hate-crimes to murder, or murder-one, at some point in their speech. This way, they can point to the stiff (Texas) penalties and a trial record that might include state of mind of the defendant. Of course, the beatings and assaults that occur more frequently, they seldom, if ever, mention in the same breath.

  • Mr. HATCH. Mr. President, I agree with 80 percent of what the distinguished Senator has said during this debate. The fact is, the very name of this bill makes the very point I am making. It is the ``Matthew Shepard Act,'' a heinous crime committed against him where both people were prosecuted and sentenced to life; in the Byrd case, sentenced to death. We are taking care of these problems. ["We"? Not you Senator, not you.]
  • Mr. SESSIONS: What I want to say to my colleague is that a murder in Utah, a murder in Massachusetts, a murder in Alabama is not a Federal crime unless certain other events occur, unless it is related to some other event. [ignoring the fact that the bill is called the Local Law Enforcement Act ... d'oh ... and that busting up Church property is a 'federal offense' (one that he likely voted for, I'd guess)]
  • Mr. CORNYN: Thus, James Byrd's killers [in infamous Texas case] were convicted under State law, and according to a jury verdict, after exhausting all appellate remedies, were ultimately executed. If the same individuals committing those heinous acts back then were charged by a Federal prosecutor under this bill, they could not be given the death penalty by the jury. That is only one example of how this particular provision has not been thoroughly thought out or the consequences thoroughly vetted.

For two of the GOP, matters of crime and apt punishment are "social legislation".
  • Mr. McCONNELL. There are too many important Defense provisions in the bill that are at risk because of a controversial, nongermane amendment dealing with social policy. [on the Senate floor]
  • Mr. GRAHAM: The President is not going to agree to this social legislation on the Defense authorization bill, ...

Compare the lofty rhetoric:

SENATOR HATCH: I have said for years [???] in this Chamber that violence motivated by bias against a particular group is abhorrent. Everybody in this body believes that. There is no issue here. We believe that. I believe such conduct must and should be made a crime and punished differently from other crimes. I know all of my colleagues share my conviction about hate crimes.

With the low-down truth:

SENATOR CORNYN: It is a mistake, in my judgment, to begin to treat people unequally based on the same conduct because of notions that some crimes are simply more despicable than others based upon the individual against whom they are perpetrated.


At least we have what record there is for history.

/filed Gay Equality: Hate Crimes Legislation

Naughty Bears

You can pick up a naughty-bear outfit for $13 at the proshop of blackwaterusa.com. It might be a match if you find yourself eying someone who's ironically picked up a "Don't-tase-me,-bro!" tee.

Bugging Out

THE STILL BEFORE THE STORM - Always a true indicator

After falling silent for a spell, Sean Bugg has been plotting a ... new season in life. (See what marriage does to you?) Good luck and best wishes.

Keep USA at forefront of Freedom Worldwide

Threatening who, what?: Allix himself is simply fascinating, as is the debate surrounding his ability to be in a contest for a "coverboy." (pic-link)

At the end of last year, the UN made clear indications that 'gender identity' is part of what should be watched among those countries who take freedom seriously.

Why knowingly vote legislation that will wrongfoot the USA?

I never fully understand all the negative sentiments about trans-gender.

It's also especially troubling that a hoary old piece of legislation like ENDA is getting vetted at the 11th hour, if that's what's going on. From a political organizing perspective, couldn't it have been known a long time ago that "T" was a deadweight?

As far as employment, I'd guess that most corporations view it as such a potentially small issue that it's not consequential (to them).

Therefore, I have guess that what serious opposition there is comes from those worried about being forced to pay for assignment surgery or some such.

Anyway, the either/or is false. A vote for 'half a loaf' is a vote to shame America.

Does 'trans gender' have further to go in terms of garnering public acceptance? Sure, but that's no reason to fail the moral leadership test.

Law of the Sea for some Senators, Congressman

Talk like a pirate week was special for these members of Congress, who live on yachts:

Love and Death in Soviet Republic of Iran

Iranian laws on gay love - punishment by death and 74 lashes. (h/t orbiter)

Taking Names

Go Josh!

JOSHUA LYNSEN does a bang-up job at WaBlade pulling together the HRC scores and backstories of some '08 Senate races.

Meanwhile, a thorough going national strategy would have an eye on 2010, as one thinks in terms of (a) the strategic amount of time needed to execute and coordinate some things (b) developing a compelling momentum that can garner political attention in Washington.

World is reminded by violence :-( that Burma ... exists

... and that it is no Bhutan. :-(

Sadly, the dear Burmese are subjects of opium, too, a product of the "Golden Triangle" and ALL that comes with it (including slavery, all kinds).

In 2000 the International Labour Organisation (ILO) took the unprecedented step of calling on its members to place sanctions on the country because of the failure of government to stop forced labour.

the kids did not come from Thailand. Most came from Burma, with a sprinkling of Laotians, Vietnamese, and Cambodians tossed in the mix. The Burmese boys spoke of a well-dressed Thai gentleman who had visited their village in the south of Burma. Accompanying him was a 14-year-old Burmese boy who wore fine-tailored clothes and spoke Thai fluently. The man told parents that he was offering scholarships for young boys to attend school back in Thailand. "Look how well this child from your region is doing," he said, pointing to his young companion. "If you let me take your son back to Chiang Mai, I will do the same for him." Many families agreed to let their sons go with the Thai man. Once they reached Chiang Mai, the Thai man immediately sold them to owners of sex bars and brothels.

Can "Victory" Be Ours If the Best Information Comes from the Office of Inspector General?

The Government issued its crap "declassified" weekly status report (.pdf) on the ongoing Victory in Iraq.

I have to read these, because, if you are going to put up casualty lists ... well those sacrifices occur in a context and one ought to - has a solemn duty to - look at the context that the government is providing.


Government statistics from Iraq are so shrouded behind the veil of "classified" secrecy, that serious-minded people are left sorting through this Administration's goose droppings that pass muster as "status reporting".
The breathtaking travesty of how Americans have been systematically kept in the dark about what is systematically going on inside Iraq has to be part of the calculation for anyone who thinks the "war was lost at home". They say Americans are "impatient"; but the truth is that they made them that way or reinforced distrust, take your pick.

So many are quick to say that folks don't look for the good news coming out of Iraq. Well, government statistics from Iraq are so shrouded behind the veil of "classified" secrecy, that serious-minded people are left sorting through this Administration's goose droppings that pass muster as "status" reporting. The "news" out of Iraq is that, for years, the Administration has refused to give the American public hard-hitting news out of Iraq.

ELECTRICITY UP: Anyone - anyone - know what's going on?

I noticed an uptick in electricity. As a case in point, see if you can even make sense of this statement:

"During 2004-2006, electricity supply from the national grid reached its highest level during July and August and then declined. [no explanation why a decline. July-August of 2006, when all the violence was occuring, actually saw a slight increase in output, year-to-year]

Supply for July-August 2007 was below previous years. In contrast to those years, however, it has so far not begun to decline; [no reason given why not]

on the contrary, on several recent days it has surpassed the highest level achieved in any month during 2004-2006. [daily information is never provided, nor are any daily output ranges given, alongside the monthly figures].

[now for the clincher:]

This higher supply combined with the seasonal decline in demand has at least temporarily restored the percentage of demand served to the year-earlier level.

Huh? The people writing this "status report" appear to have no idea what caused the 10% decline in output last year in September. There are no reasons given why this September's uptick ought to be an indication of something sustainable, which would be "good news".

Without any foundation for review or prospect, this "status report" should be retitled stick-your-head-out-the-window weather report. There is a reason that weather reports (and cute weathermen) are separated from "news". The quarterly reports aren't much better. The last one suggests "progress" of "2,120 MW new and restored generating capacity" ... That would be 50% of current production, if accurate. How droll.

The only thing that one can say for sure is that, in terms of "cumulative COIN", that bargain in which liberty sacrifices in the name of security lead to benefits beyond sheer survival, this summer in Iraq doesn't rank any better (and probably worse) than any prior year, post Saddam.


At least 45% of the nation's needs are guesstimated to be provided by private, small generators. We could have given out 20,000,000 little Honda generators at $100 a piece for $2 billion dollars and left the rest to the Iraqi government to sort out. (If so much cut short the U.S.'s stay in Iraq by even ten days, it would pay for itself!!!). This would have also handled the Rumsfeldian conundrum of not wanting to build things just so the 'dead-enders' would destroy them.

If you wanted to get a sense whether electricity supply was improving in the so-called Iraqi-controlled provinces, you'd be s.o.l.

If you wanted to have a look at the impact of insurgent attacks on electricity infrastructure, you couldn't find it or report on improving trends, one way or another, say, for the Dura Refinery or the Mussayab power plant (both near Baghdad).

If you wanted to get a list of electricity projects that have been approved, funded and the percentage completion, you'd be s.o.l. The last report from USAID on its website is from January, 2007.


In 2005, the increase had nothing to do with Iraqi Reconstruction, so what's the "good news"?

  • "The rise in power supply of over 1,000 megawatts has come from an extra 500 megawatts generated by hydroelectric power after Turkey increased water flows from the Euphrates River to Iraqi dams while imports from Iran, Turkey and Syria added at least 350 megawatts in July."
The plan had been to rely more on Tehran, but they are also actively fighting the emergence of any kind of secular democracy that would threaten their own Soviet-style Mollacracy and they just upped the stakes by closing part of their northern border with Iraq:

  • The forecast rise to 6,000 megawatts in August would come mainly from a doubling of imports from Iran to 200 megawatts and a similar jump in Turkey's exports to around 300 megawatts.
  • New deals signed earlier this month in Tehran will make Iran the country's leading supplier by next summer, Shalash said.

    [who knows if these ever got signed, but 6,000 is almost a 50% increase from the recent average levels, so it "n.e.v.e.r. h.a.p.p.e.n.", right?]
No idea if these projects ever got "finished". To get the "good news" on these, one has to just go to the government's progress in Iraq website and check on what's holding things up and what's being done, right? ...uh ... and I've got a bridge to sell you.

  • Rehabilitation of major power plants of Mussayab, Nassiriya, Baiji and Baghdad's Dura would be completed by year end [2005].
  • An extra 500 megawatts will come on stream later this year from a 10 unit gas turbine plant constructed near the city of Mussayab which was originally due for completion in June 2004. [If it did, 500 came off somewhere, 'cuase the output chart is flat-to-down ...]
  • The delay in constructing the plant explains how bureaucracy and high security costs have eaten a major chunk of $5.6 billion allocated by the U.S. for electricity projects, Shalash said.
Plenty of helping-yourself going on, in a total breakdown of efficient or centrally controlled distribution. This is from 2005, but it shows up in every report about what is going on:

  • The Iraqi official criticized local councils in some parts of the country who were intentionally drawing more electricity at the expense of other less endowed regions.
  • "We warned the local councils and governors several times but they are not cooperating with us," he said. "They try to get more electricity than their share and are affecting other regions and they even lifted the equipment from our control division that organises the electricity supply schedule in Iraq."


In 2005 and early 2006, audits by the Special Inspector General for Iraq (SIGR) forced a reassessment of what could be accomplished, with the number of possible projects scaled back to "300 of an initial 425 projects to provide electricity":

"We've had such a range of commentary, from pretty much everything going as well as it could to outright disaster," Barton said [co-director of the post-conflict reconstruction project at the CSIS in D.C.]. "This brings definition to the whole discussion, and in doing that it highlights many of the poor choices that have been made. It has that potential longer-term therapeutic benefit."

If it had any therapeutic value, it appears to have been ephemeral. The SIGR reports in July, 2007, that 87% of funded U.S. commitments have been paid out, yet electricity levels are not significantly much higher.

In the bigger picture, it is deeply troubling that the reports with the most information about what is going on are from the Inspector General. Would you run a company by asking your audit group to constantly update you on what is honestly going on?

To add insult to that injury, it was a struggle to get them re-funded in the last go-round.

So, in the absence of evidence, I'm left with the conclusion that Rummy, Myers, Cheney, Bush, Condi - all of the crew, really, including McCain - who complained about the bad press must be interested in "good news anecdotes" out of Iraq.


Iraq Far From U.S. Goals for Energy
$50 Billion Needed To Meet Demand

By Dana Hedgpeth
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, September 2, 2007; Page A01

Attacks have taken a huge toll on people as well as infrastructure. Wahid said he lost more than 1,000 Electricity Ministry employees this year, mostly engineers working on repair teams. Four hundred were kidnapped and killed; 300 were injured and 300 were kidnapped, he said.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Frolic Fetish Supper

Some groups object to infusing Christian Tradition with gay iconography...
It seemed as though FredAlert's Last Supper, with the Ethiopian Jesus and the "not scriptural" tattoos / facial hair, had enough of the sacred feminine in its ... iconography, to be ... topically appealing. And the one, disparaged "Leonardo dildo" is rose colored, afterall (and a detailed enough sculpture that I'd question whether it was one).

But maybe AS is right and it's too blase to be edgy and "Mohammad and the Companions" would be just the way to needle Dinesh, but would anyone 'get it'? And maybe Rod Dreher is right, that one should be more assertive in saying whether bondage is scriptural or not. Or flogging.

Oh, I'm too tired to think about it. I'd rather play Paul and Timothy travel the Mediterranean, right now.

[Is that JG second in from the left, seated on the right-hand side of God? Typical conservative.
j/k Sheesh, why can't I have a little fun at the end of a long day?]

Hate Crime Suport for Gays Narrows in the Senate

Support for providing Gays and Lesbians the same protections in Federal law as are provided by other "target classes" narrowed in the U.S. Senate today, with 39 against (40, including McCain who has never voted "yea" on LGBT hate crime legislation) compared to 33 in the 2004 vote on the Matthew Shepard Act.

The "slip" in support occured as the obstructionism of the GOP in the 110th apparently intensified, with 14 new votes against, either from those new to the Senate or from those switching their votes.

Kerry and Sanders voted "Yea" (Kerry and Jeffords were absent in the last vote).

New 'NAYs'OLD 'NAYs'
Alexander (R-TN)*Frist (R-TN)
Barrasso (R-WY)Thomas (R-WY)
Bennett (R-UT)Fitzgerald (R-IL)
Burns (R-MT)Talent (R-MO)
Coburn (R-OK)Nickles (R-OK)
Corker (R-TN)Santorum (R-PA)
DeMint (R-SC)Burr (R-NC)
Ensign (R-NV)*
Isakson (R-GA)
Martinez (R-FL)
Murkowski (R-AK)*
Stevens (R-AK)*
Thune (R-SD)
Vitter (R-LA)

McCain has always voted 'nay'.
*indicates switched / flipped vote.

Ten to fifteen years into the struggle to get this particular federal legislation and Senator Hatch reportedly is still abusing his seniority, trying to kill the idea by re-re-requesting "more study". The truth is that the statistics are probably slack in the places that do not have the money and inclination to investigate and train people about hate-crimes.

Among those one might not expect to find on the list, Senator Dole, who has consistently voted against. John Sununu, R-NH, is another.

The disgustingly distinguished Senator from Colorado, Wayne Allard, continues to 'party' with his vote, ignoring the people of his own state, who even added 'gender identity' to their laws in 2005.

Senators Vitter and Martinez also vote contrary to the majority opinion of their constituents, perhaps eager as junior Senators to make known that they are party-hearty with their new Washington GOP fancifuls.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Weekly Casualty Lists: Week 39

A new feature this week, to keep the discipline of not letting the names go by, unremarked.

Groups: MFN-Iraq, MNF-Afghan, Iraqi Civilian Casualties Est, Journalists (Iraq)


-------Name, AgeSrv BranchHometown

Rank, Unit

Location; Circumstance of Death

Tomczak, Zachary B., 24U.S. ArmyHuron, SD
Staff Sergeant, 2nd BN, 325th Infantry Reg, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division
Baghdad; Hostile - hostile fire - small arms fire25-Sep-07

Brown, Kevin R., 38U.S. ArmyHarrah, OK
Staff Sergeant, 6th Squadron, 9th Cavalry Reg, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division,
Muqdadiyah; Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack25-Sep-07

Bento, Anthony K., 23U.S. ArmySan Diego, CA
Corporal, 1st BN, 505th Parachute Infantry Reg, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division
Bayji; Hostile - hostile fire - small arms fire24-Sep-07

Watson, David L., 29U.S. ArmyNewport, AR
Specialist, 2nd BN, 23rd Infantry Reg, 4th Brigade, (Stryker Brigade Combat Team) 2nd I
Ba'qubah; Non-hostile - accident22-Sep-07

Reeves, Joshua H., 26U.S. ArmyWatkinsville, GA
Specialist, 2nd BN, 16th Infantry Reg, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division
Baghdad (eastern part); Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack22-Sep-07

Lankford, Jonathan M., 42U.S. ArmyScottsboro, AL
Command Sergeant Major, Task Force Lightning
Diyala Province; Non-hostile - illness - heart attack22-Sep-07

Stansfield, Mark, 32Not reported yetOxfordshire-UK
Sergeant, 32 Close Support Squadron, UK Logistic Battalion
Basra (Basra Air Station); Non-hostile - vehicle accident21-Sep-07

Young, John J., 24U.S. ArmySavannah, GA
Specialist, 2nd BN, 14th Infantry Reg, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, (Light Infantry) 10th Mountain Division
Baghdad (Camp Stryker); Non-hostile21-Sep-07

Grosaru, Dumitru Ioan, 35Romanian Armyn.a.-ROM
Second Lieutenant, Mircea Infantry Battalion 22
Tallil; Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack21-Sep-07

Hoffmaster, Roselle M., 32U.S. ArmyCleveland, OH
Captain (Doctor), Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division
Kirkuk; Non-hostile - accident20-Sep-07

Marciante Jr., Luigi, 25U.S. ArmyElizabeth, NJ
Private 1st Class, 2nd BN, 23rd Infantry Reg, 4th Brigade, Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division
Muqdadiyah; Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack20-Sep-07

Mcmahon, Graham M., 22U.S. ArmyCorvallis, OR
Corporal, 4th BN, 9th Infantry Reg, 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, Stryker Briga
Balad; Non-hostile - illness19-Sep-07

Neff, Christian M., 19U.S. ArmyLima, OH
Private 1st Class, 1st BN, 64th Armor Reg, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division
Baghdad (West of); Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack19-Sep-07


------Name, AgeSrv BranchCountry

Rank, Unit

Location; Circumstance of Death
Milam, Charles Luke, 26U.S. NavyLittleton, CO
Petty Officer 2nd Class, 2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion
Helmand Province; Hostile - hostile fire25-Sep-07
Hornburg, Nathan, 26Canadian Army Reserven.a.-Canada
Corporal, The King's Own Calgary Regiment
Panjwayi District (Kandahar Province); Hostile - hostile fire - mortar attack24-Sep-07
Vera, Stanley Mera, 20Spainish ArmyGuayaquil-Spain
Private, 3a Compania de la Bandera "Roger de Flor" de la Brigada Paracaidista (BRIPAC)
Shewan (Farah province); Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack24-Sep-07
Burgos, Germã¡N Pã©Rez, 33Spainish ArmyAlange-Spain
Private, 3a Compania de la Bandera "Roger de Flor" de la Brigada Paracaidista (BRIPAC)
Shewan (Farah province); Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack24-Sep-07
Blaskowski, Matthew D., 27U.S. ArmyLevering, MI
Sergeant 1st Class, 2nd BN (Airborne), 503rd Infantry Reg, 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team
Asadabad; Hostile - hostile fire - small arms fire23-Sep-07
Pican, Laurent, 34French ArmyVains (Manche)-France
Warrant Officer (Adjudant), 13e Bataillon de chasseurs alpins de Chambéry (Savoie) (BCA) (Maountain Bat)
Kabul; Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack21-Sep-07
Hoogland, Tim, 20Royal Dutch Armyn.a.-Netherlands
Private 1st Class, 13 Infantry Battalion Airmobile (RSPB)
Deh Rawood (near); Hostile - hostile fire - small arms fire20-Sep-07
Tunnicliffe, Brian, 33British Armyn.a.-UK
Private, 2nd Battalion The Mercian Regiment (Worcesters and Foresters)
Gereshk (north of) Helmand province; Non-hostile - vehicle accident20-Sep-07
Newman, Phillip, 36British Armyn.a.-UK
Colour Sergeant, 2nd Battalion The Mercian Regiment (Worcesters and Foresters)
Gereshk (north of) Helmand province; Non-hostile - vehicle accident20-Sep-07


Counted Civilian Casualties: 282
Tuesday 25 September: 33 dead
Baghdad: car bombs kill 8 people, most of them pensioners queuing to collect their pension, Zayuna; roadside bomb, Kamaliya; 8 bodies.
Basra: suicide bomber kills 3 at police station.
Mosul: suicide bomber blows himself up at petrol station, killing employee.
Kirkuk: man is shot and burnt to death inside his car.
Diyala: 3 bodies.
Monday 24 September: 82 dead
Baghdad: 2 children die when a mortar hits their home, Talbiya; female bank employee is shot dead inside bus; 12 bodies.
Baquba: suicide bomber kills 28 inside mosque -the victims include tribal sheikhs and police officers who were holding reconciliation talks.
Abu Maria: suicide truck bomber hits police checkpoint, kills 5.
Balad Ruz: US forces kill civilian during security operation; another civilian is killed by militants.
Amiriyat al-Falluja: 3 police officers are killed in an attack on police patrol.
Hadid: 3 bodies.
Al-Abara: 20 bodies of abducted students found in mass grave.
Tikrit: US forces shoot dead 90-year-old Ayid al-Shamri and his 2 sons, as they drive in their car.
Sunday 23 September: 33 dead
Baghdad: convoy of Higher Education Minister hits roadside bomb, 2 bodyguards killed; journalist Jawad Saadoon al-Daami, working for al-Baghdadiyah TV, shot dead; 10 bodies.
Iskandariya: 2 killed by mortars.
Ramadi: 3 bodies.
Jbela: 4 bodies.
Muqdadiya: 7 bodies.
Kirkuk: mayor's convoy hits roadside bomb, 1 bodyguard killed; 1 body.
Saturday 22 September: 43 dead
Baghdad: Sunni man is pulled out of his car and shot dead, Washash; 9 bodies.
Iskandariya: 10 family members killed by US forces during house raid, 12 more residents killed during ensuing clashes.
Yethrib: gunmen kill police commander, then abduct and kill 3 members of his family.
Mosul: 2 policemen killed in separate attacks.
Kirkuk: shop owner killed in his shop; 1 body.
Friday 21 September: 27 dead
Baghdad: Mahdi Army kills 4, Washash; 8 bodies.
Baquba: Kurdish Peshmerga kill child.
Albu Aziz: gunmen attack village, kill farmer.
Basra: attack on convoy of senior police officer kills him and 2 bodyguards; 3 bodies of women found.
Yusufiya: 3 bodies.
Thursday 20 September: 37 dead
Baghdad: 2 civilians reported killed during US/Iraqi raid, one of them a 5-year-old boy, Sadr City; roadside bomb kills policeman, Zayuna; suicide car bomber kills civilian on bridge; a judge and his driver are shot dead near Shaab stadium; mortars kill 3, Madaen; 7 bodies.
Saqlawiya: roadside bombs kill 2 policemen.
Mosul: radio presenter shot dead; Sheikh Farhan Brjis Edil al-Sindi killed by gunmen; 3 bodies found, including those of a mother and daughter.
Al-Ahemar: 8 bodies.
Basra: gunmen kill Sheikh Amjed al-Janabi, al-Sistani representative.
Wednesday 19 September: 27 dead
Baghdad: 8 bodies.
Mosul: 17 killed in clashes, followed by car bomb.
Muqdadiya: suicide bomber blows himself up at US army checkpoint, killing civilian.


Jawad al-Daami23-Sep-07
Gunmen killed Jawad al-Daami, a journalist for Baghdadiya television, on Sunday in al-Qadissiya district of southwestern Baghdad, an Iraqi journalists' association said.
Muhannad Ghanem Ahmed20-Sep-07
Ghanem Ahmed was gunned down near a mosque in the Muharibin suburb of eastern Mosul on 20 September and his attackers escaped. He was the sixth journalist to be killed in the city this year

src: MNF-I, MNF-A, journalists from icasualties.org; Iraqi Civiilan: iraq body count;

Step Aside, David Kuo

Pam catches Joe Murray in a veritable tour de force:

How does one protect Christianity? Send money. Call it cash-back Christianity, and the VVD [GOP's Value Voters Debate] was no different.

The VVD had an opportunity to restore sanity to Christian public activism, but it quickly became a political sideshow to see which candidate was the political Christian of choice.

The result? A conservative carnival.

-former AFA, Joe Murray

Gays Boost Canadian Currency Some 60%

Someone alert spurious correlator Stanley Kurtz. Gay Marriage can strengthen your nation's economy and boost the currency, even against the mighty America!

Fall of the U.S. Dollar versus Canadian Dollar, a product of that horrible bastion of naughty, nasty "socialized medicine", too:

"Surveys show that economies where people just want to do a good job and get past worrying about whether the guy or gal in the 'workplace foxhole' with them is gay or lesbian have superior economic performance," a family scholar said.

Craig's Resignation, et. al.

Frank Rich gets it wrong. (You can be against "stings", for solidarity, and heartened that at least one Senator isn't flying on a private jet; yet still think that Craig ought to head home).

But, hey, if the GOP want to provide sexual Chappaquiddicks, I'm glad to have the favor.

The New New Direction in Iraq

Leadership looking for a new new direction in Iraq:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) leadership team has charged a band of mostly centrist members with recommending a House Iraq strategy, pushing for the lower chamber to be the source of bipartisan action on the war.

Can I make the same suggestion that I made back in February?

Demand that the President submit a plan to pay for the war - all of it to date - and NO 'gas tax'? Better he do it than the next executive, right; or the next, or the next, or the next?

Have someone subpoena the Administration and find out what the 'policymakers' knew about the war's costs and when they knew it.

I like the 'Webb amendment' ideas, but I'm concerned that they aren't getting the proper 'spin' and 'volume' from the Democratic 'machine'. How is it that the GOP get their 'talking points' done so well, but the Dems are still all over the map.

My Big Black Adventure to Harlem


FOX News should find room in its heart to suspend O'Reilly for a week or more:

In an interview with African-American journalist Juan Williams, O'Reilly said:

I couldn’t get over the fact that there was no difference between Sylvia’s restaurant and any other restaurant in New York City. I mean, it was exactly the same, even though it’s run by blacks, primarily black patronship.
There wasn’t one person in Sylvia’s who was screaming, ‘M-Fer, I want more iced tea.’ You know, I mean, everybody was — it was like going into an Italian restaurant in an all-white suburb in the sense of people were sitting there, and they were ordering and having fun. And there wasn’t any kind of craziness at all.

Maybe some time off will help him "get over the fact".

Bob Herbert - Telling It Like It Is

Read it and weep:

The G.O.P. has spent the last 40 years insulting, disenfranchising and otherwise stomping on the interests of black Americans. Last week, the residents of Washington, D.C., with its majority black population, came remarkably close to realizing a goal they have sought for decades — a voting member of Congress to represent them.

A majority in Congress favored the move, and the House had already approved it. But the Republican minority in the Senate — with the enthusiastic support of President Bush — rose up on Tuesday and said: “No way, baby.”

At least 57 senators favored the bill, a solid majority. But the Republicans prevented a key motion on the measure from receiving the 60 votes necessary to move it forward in the Senate. The bill died.

-The New York Times

/file: GOP Obstructionism in the 110th, 2nd session

UN Taking Over In Iraq, Slowly

The diplomatic handoff in Iraq, I blogged about here, is in the works.

The Family Values of "Crowd Out"

If you had to guess which organization in the United States would write a study that providing SCHIP health insurance to kids was a bad idea, which one would it be?

Yes, The Heritage Foundation. [no comment here about he who must not be named, but read below]

They are apparently worried that some families will be left behind, "crowded out".

Oh, wait, no, they are worried that some corporations providing financial products will be "crowded out".

"Open Society" and "Democracy" are Rattling Cages

Go Tigers!

A whole series on how just a little bit can go such a long way.

(I cannot imagine how they think this article helps their case, but there it is.)

Money quote:

That means the public makes decisions about issues without understanding the special agendas of groups behind them.

I tell ya, there is nothing like a combination of the words "Money" and "Left" that will provoke even a self-immolating article like this one.

The iNfoRmaTION age of AnXiety

Tax collectors want to track you in your car:

Drivers test paying by mile instead of gas tax


Germans deploy microdrones, to avoid limitations of fixed cameras

Earth to Rudy: Take this call, too - and pay up

Rudy has to pay up.

In-kind contributions from the New York Times ... How's that going to look to the base? tsk...tsk...

Screw Lou Dobbs Show - Hug a Mexican

Their anti-immigrant sniggers, sighs, and pitches are so transparently rendered there is nothing else to say.

Some time ago they gave uninterrupted time to some guy who was yelling about how the wall he built in San Diego, that cost millions per mile, was the best thing the country could do for itself.

Today, they run a story about how much all the illegals are costing everyone in San Diego.

So which is it, immigrant haters, is the wall 'working' or not?

He Who Must Not Be Named - My Bishop Rooks Your Bishop

Since we are at it, this tidbit comes by way of that most unexpected bastion of ... old-world conservatism, Pittsburgh.

Bishop skeptical of Episcopal stance on gays
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
By Steve Levin, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pittsburgh Episcopal Bishop Robert W. Duncan Jr. last night dismissed the promise of church leaders meeting in New Orleans to "exercise restraint" in approving gay bishops and same-sex blessings.
Bishop Duncan and others in 2004 established the Anglican Communion Network, ... Bishop Duncan is the moderator of the network.

To understand just how that fits in, one MUST read this (below). It's a bit dense, but the upshot is that the secular politics that you "know-and-love" on gay issues is also what is going on inside the Anglican Church, including the money parts:

Power, Money, Control . . . It's the Church!

Finally, put the cherry on top:

According to public tax filings, the IRD received $3.8 million in grants from conservative foundations from 1985 to 2002, including $1.7 million from the Carthage, S Family and Sarah S foundations. All three are run by Mr. S of Pittsburgh, -link

The Soviet Republic of Iran

How to give a street interview for the Party of God: Read the sign

This picture is taken in Tehran, while a national television reporter is asking a person’s opinion about fuel rationing. The person, however, is reading from a sheet provided by the reporter. -IranBlogger

New Blogs in Iran must be registered with the government.

YouTube censors just as heavily for its "Iranian Market" as it does for its "Chinese Market" and the government has bandwidth governors that cap fast access.


People are disappearing in Iran these days, especially teachers and students, as the Guardians try to fend of any attempt to organize a threat to their tenuous position.

"Michael Slackman writes that the economic downturn in Iran is paradoxically allowing the government to exercise more control domestically while further isolating the country from the West."

Although Ahmadi-Nejad is first non-cleric President of Soviet Republic of Iran, Tehran University changed control to a cleric a year or so ago and key posts in the most recent "purge" are being filled by Revolutionaries.

"Moderate" and "critical" newspapers have been closed on and off. Major "news" websites have been closed down.

The government's sustained campaign to cultivate an attitude that nuclear is a matter of science and knowledge have been wildy effective and is well established.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Legendary Persian Boys - Don't Exist

... it reminded me of how Khrushchev denied "poverty" in the Soviet Union for so long and the like.
When I heard Ahmadi-Nejad's "we don't have that in Iran. I don't know who told you that", I couldn't help but think of my quasi-diagnosis that the Mullocracy is going the way of Soviet Communism.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but it reminded me of how Khrushchev denied "poverty" in the Soviet Union for so long and the like.

We have some of it in this country, when the GOP get revved up with their "America-is-Beautiful,-what's-wrong-with-you?" routine, but that's tepid by comparison.

The rumors of what really goes on up in Qom with the cutest are legendary (I believe that there are some eye popping "loopholes" in Islamic law, but don't have time to look up the references). Who knows, that might be part of why Ahmadi-Nejad is reflexively touchy on the subject.

The official line is ... a throwback:

"Approval of gender changes doesn't mean approval of homosexuality. We're against homosexuality," says Mohammed Mahdi Kariminia, a cleric in the holy city of Qom and one of Iran's foremost proponents of using hormones and surgery to change sex. "But we have said that if homosexuals want to change their gender, this way is open to them." -article

[By the way, can you hear Dinesh D'Souza's keyboard rushing out the next screed, entitled, "Liberal Homos at Columbia Give Ammunition to Iranian Terrorists: I told you so!"]

See how this article got re-titled to get a sense for the politics of sexuality:

Mullahs Turn Iran to Islamic Whorehouse, Shame on Iranians

He Who Must Not Be Named - Leggo my $1.4 Billion, pookie


"Plaintiff formally objected to this request on August 17 on the grounds that it was improper, burdensome, overly broad, oppressive, not reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence, and seeking private and privileged information."

-motion to compel discovery


MRS's "Historic spending analysis. ... Appendices "A" "B" and "C" of this report are too voluminous to be attached to this pretrial statement"

-Defendant's pretrial statement

Lawyers have contended that the $725,000/month alimony is too high compared to plaintiff's standard of living, which they peg closer to $141,200 per month (but willing to accept up to $465,432 / per month)

However, they are conscious of their dalliance with the phrase:

"While it may be true that the parties in this elevated income stratum have "unusual needs" in maintaining their accustomed standard of living ..., it must be remembered that "[t]he purpose of an order of spousal support is to assure a reasonable living allowance to the party requiring support." - trial brief of the defendant

checkout, PittGirl with
Oh, it's on

I always thought court filings had to be strictly legal, using terms like wherefortohowever and hereintotherebe. I had no idea a lawyer could just write, “WHAT THE FRICKIN’ HELL!??” if he really wanted to.


With cap gains taxes at 15% since 2003 under Bush, the net tax rate is probably less for Mr. S.:

"Incredibly, this fantasia of monthly distributions is taxed at an aggregate rate of slightly less than 15 percent," they write.

None of Mr. S's filings address the tax rate assertion. although financial documents filed in pleadings over alimony make clear that Mr. S has employed a number of strategies -- notably, a $122 million Charitable Remainder Uni-Trust for which he took a tax write-off and from which he is permitted to draw 8 percent of the principal annually -- to reduce his tax liabilities -article


On December 22nd in the late afternoon, Wife, in an attempt to confirm Husband's ongoing affair, appeared at the home of her Husband, peered in his residence window to confirm" whether the other woman was with Mr. S. "Wife was arrested under an absurd trespass charge, handcuffed and transported to the County Jail, where she was incarcerated overnight in a grim holding cell," Mrs. S's attorneys wrote. The charges were later dismissed but, in the words of Mrs. S's brief, "The marriage was over!"

The marriage may have ended in Mrs. S's view, but not the fighting.

Five months after her first arrest, Mrs. S was again charged, this time after a street fight outside her husband's home when she confronted and physically battled three of Mr. S's employees. -same article as above

He Who Must Not Be Named ... even took that last can of who hash...and Beauregard

The Complaint, Save Beauregard!

His and her towels houses. "During the course of their marriage, Plaintiff and Defendant have always maintained separate residences, with Plaintiff living at 613 Pictairn Place and Defendant at 5201 Westminster Place."

Homes for the homeys: "In addition to their separate principal residences, Plaintiff and Defendant also maintained homes at Vallamount and Penguin Court Ligonier, Pennsylvania, Nantucket, Massachusetts, Pebble Beach, California."

Made-for-the-movies: Dog-napping: "In addition, on or about March 3, 2006, Defendant and/or people acting on his direction, abducted Plaintiff's dog, Beauregard, from the location where Plaintiff was temporarily residing. [ 717 Amberson Avenue ]"

The Scandalous Loot Revealed:

32. ...rare Beidermier carved, inlaid, ebonized, and parcel-gilted lady's sewing table
32. ...Italian Pietra Dura Panel
33. ...George III Anglo-Irish cut crystal six-light chandelier
34. ...George III two-light cut crystal ormulo candelabra
35. ...Regency bronze and Dore bronze candelabra
36. ...American craved gilt eagle form wall brackets
37. ...Anglo-Irish cut crystal candle holders in the form of pineapples
38. ...green stained tortoise shell knife box needle case

48. ...burled elm humidor

63. ...August Roebling American silver-gilt dinner service manufacturer by Gorham circa 1889
64. ..."August Roebling American silver-gilt flatware service; 35 dinner knives @ $200," continued, "luncheon knives, breakfast knives, game knives, fish knives, desert/tea knives, mellon forks, dinner forks, pie/pastry forks, luncheon forks, game forks, breakfast forks, shrimp forks, terrapin forks (small), terrapin forks (large),..." [listing cont. 1-2 pages!]

66. ...[another flatware set] "English flatware service, manufactured by Asprey in the Irish Rib pattern and monogrammed "RSR" (Ritchie Rhea Scaife) [no transposition], comprised of the following components: 2 grapefruit spoons @ $175; 20 ice cream spoons at $125; ..."

67. ...[another flatware service] "Frank Smith of the Federal Cotillion pattern"
67. ...[another flatware service] "by Gorham in the Melrose pattern"
tiffany's stuff
71. ..."seven iced beverage sips manufactured by Tiffany's" "estimated cost ... $1000"

81. ..."12 finger bowls" "estimated cost ... $7,500"
84. ..."A bon-bon dish, manufactured by Tiffany & Co. ... $850"

90. ..."12 Martele service plates ... $100,000"

93. ..."George I candlesticks ... $30,000"

113. ..."six bread and butter plates manufactured by International ... $750"

118. ..."six pairs of individual asparagus tongs ... $1800"

144. ..."a pair of Sheffield plated wine coolers .. $8,500"

157. ..."sterling silver snail"

162. ..."sterling silver miniature footed tureen-form nutmeg grater ... $4,500"




421. ..."seven cut-crystal finger bowls ... $1,400"

The Right Wing Lore on Ahmadi-Nejad

Iran is too complex for right-wing commentators.

Fallback: they keep repeating "wipe off the map", a phrase that was never uttered and is a brutal translation of what he actually said (even the Israelis admit this).

The propagation of that urban legend is reaching the same proportions as those trumpeted against Saddam, like the myth that "Saddam kicked out the inspectors" in 1998.

How post-structural do all of us sound, eh, AS?

Worst Ad Placement. Ever.

Harvard's Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and Supporters Alliance (BGLTSA) released a study a while back:

Story hyperlink

(so, hey, leave the Columbia Queers alone. They're just flexing their newfound intellecutalisms. Except, I don't know any 'mid-east scholars' who refer to homosexuals in the terms that they use ... on that they need to be de-constructed themselves. Gulp).

And, just so we don't forget, there is no solace on the Right in America, the terra tremula in which gays "exist" but are invisible:

The biggest lie to come out of CPAC was Ann Coulter's whopper "We're not anti-gay, we're just against gay marriage," which is sort of like Stanley Kowalski saying to Blanche DuBois, "This isn't a rape, it's just hospitality." -Jim David

Michael Farris, who organized a Sept. 24 private session between Mr. Bush and leading Christian conservatives, said the Texas governor told them "he was not going to appoint people who were open advocates of homosexuality. These are my words, not his." -Dallas Morning News