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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FL Horserace: It's the Heretic over the Papist and the French Conservative

...by a mile.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Best Pundit Comment

Describing the Jacksonville debate:

"Welcome to the Marco Rubio suck-up party."

Favorite Moments of GOP Constipation, Jacksonville Debate

The Spreading Santorum Award goes to Rick Santorum, who railed and railed, like a half-vest-wearing timber mouse, against both Newton and Willard for being complicit in "top down, government-run healthcare", unlike St. Rick.

Then, Rick boasted about his ties to Peurto Rico and waxed proudly to have done all he could to pass things (legislation?) and boost medicaid reimbursement rates, to help people there.*

The Republican Ideological Invisibility Award gets split.

Republican Palestinian Americans are invisible, so long anyone is firing a missile (or gun?) at Israel.

The unemployed uninsured are invisible, because they can simply be redefined as re-employed and self-insured, by a swelling economy under abject deregulation of a GOP President, etc. or having them mythically buy their own insurance, somehow, with enough money from somewhere (or with lower health costs from before the 1960s).

*(No other candidate was even given a chance to respond to the PR question, so swelled were the moderators by Rick's earnestness--what's up with that?)

Gingrich Bows Out, Admits Just a Sparring Candidate

The real truth of the Gingrich fake candidacy came out in tonight's Jacksonville debate.

He's got Willard Mitt Romeny fired up and ready-to-go.

Accordingly, he's back in friendly, quiet talk-circle mode.

It looked like he was ready to invite people to come sign his book, after the "debate".  ["What (token?) hispanics would you have serve in your cabinet?" was actually a question allowed by CNN].

His biggest failure was looking down at the podium, as if reading from notes, while talking about Callista.

For the Record

Newton lies well under pressure.

At least everyone thought that 'Reagan Conservative' meant being so conducively aloof that lies came off as mere stupidity or as distractedly disinformed.

Now you know differently, about big-tent Reagan Conservatism... /f Clinton-karma backlash

Latest, from the Most Reverend (and sinner) the Archbishop


Not much new, except they are most visibly aggrieved, concerned about themselves, this time around, than they were last time.

Tweet of the Day

From  "Joe" "the plumber"

OMG, I'm SUCH an IDIOT.  #WillardMittRomneyTaxes

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stampede the Immigrants!

Finally, we have, from Mitt Romney, the GOP owning up to their strategy to make America hostile to immigrants.

The plan is to encourage their "self-deportation".

Longtime readers will recognize this strategy, called here "stampede the immigrants".

Destroying America, One Broadcast At a Time

The damage of FOX and its long subsidy of Beck lives on.

While his politics aren't common knowledge among many hockey fans, [Tim] Thomas hasn't hidden his political leanings. He's a fan of former Fox News channel host Glenn Beck, ... - story
Some might not have wanted to shake the hand of President Bush, because of his dereliction of duty in planning the Iraq War and his embrace of torture.

But, to disrespect the Office of the President? The Republic for which it stands? For ANY Beckian reason? Nah.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Why Social Moderates Should Greatly Fear a Gingrich Presumptive

The fact is that Gingrich has almost no chops on social issues.  He's a walking embarassment as a standard bearer for the party, and the Left will not relent on this.  He'll never feel secure.

To compensate, he is going to have to talk bigger and act bolder, on the social issues and law-and-order issues.

Coupled with the remnants of the Tea-Party furor, his party's behavior is likely to get draconian.

You think no one would ever haul a gay-rights friendly judge or woman's-rights friendly judge before Congress?  He will.  He told you he would.  He's not going to have the room to moderate once in office.  To the contrary, the pressure is going to go the other way.

You think no one would dare grab U.S. citizens off the streets for indefinite detention, because it's outside our norms?

The list goes on.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

South Carolina Drinks the KoolAid From Highest Paid "Historian" in History


Even if you have a grudging respect for the rebel yell, last night's Gingrich win has to make you laugh.

Apparently, to the voters of South Carolina, "Freddie Mac" is a menu item at McDonald's that Gingrich ate a lot of.

Hate of the media is so important that moral character in a standard bearer for the party is a booed second.

This is how you choose leadership quality?  #notaseriouscandidate

(the ever-present, power-lover lover, Callista, drawing by Jorge Arévalo)

Question of the Day?

Should team Obama visibly be in South Carolina now? Florida?

The answer is yes.  An unconventional campaign is called for.  An attempt to expand and build the party is worthwhile.  If his promise was transformative politics, he can't do that from inside the beltway so easily.

The fight is on and they are hanging back, instead of shaping the battlefield.

He should do 'the reverse Lincoln-Douglas'. In this move, Douglas chases Lincoln (and whoops him before the bullets even fly).

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Obama Tweets of the Day

Can't be a candidate of 'Ginormous Solutions' if you play the world's smallest (media) violin. -BO #NewtFastTalk #notaseriouscandidate

Friday, January 20, 2012

FOX, Where The News is a Blur

If the point was to poke fun at FOX, better copy would be "Braised and Biased".  Just sayin'.

(Passed on "rotated and balanced", but I didn't have time to focus-group test, either.)

FastTalk Newtons

Newt's reply to John King last night was totally disingenuous nature, the one that is getting so much airplay, that Andrew Sullivan liveblogged as "perfect".  (Even this is cute, but no cigar).

The fact of the matter is that Newt wanted that question, despite saying, "No, but I will."

King is not a highly-skilled interviewer, at least not at this level, not a power-player.

Imagine how different it would have been if he had immediately cut Gingrich off and said, "Okay, then, the question is withdrawn."

This would have left it the pink elephant in the room and Newt at the hands of the rumor mills, unaided by the power of CNN.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Truths and Perspectives I Don't Want to Deal With


Isn't EVERYONE exhausted yet of GOP candidates who won't deal with questions, truths, or perspectives, and instead, just start playing their media violin?

Obama Tweet Of The Day

Would not want to run against feisty Ron Paul.  Share many of his views of constitutional protections of liberty.  -BO

Tweets of the Day

Special prosecutor to investigate Newt, if Pres.  Rec on impeachment, if true.  -Bill Clinton

To the Radicals Alito and Roberts

Without Super-PAC money, Gingrich would not be in the race, today.

Ignoring the conservative view, a deference to over a century of conventional wisdom related to money-in-politics, these two right-wing radicals have changed the trajectory of the Republic.

Citizen's United is perhaps as good as any high-watermark ahead of American political decline.

Ladies and Gentlemen: The French Conservative

It's revealed today, by ABC's interview with his former wife, that Newt asked for permission of his wife to continue his relationship with Calista.

Gingrich, of course, was Speaker when he allowed votes to impeach Clinton for investigatory faux-pas related to personal sexual impropriety:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Do-Nothing GOP Congress Returns after 3 1/2 Week Recess

The GOP's do-nothing congress returned, after awarding themselves a comfortable three and a half weeks of vacation.

First order of business?

Posture politically and ... do nothing.

Huntsman, Gone With the Wind

Everyone should miss Huntsman (just not too much).

He will always be remembered as the one who sent thousands of Tea tiddlewinks to their mommies, asking, "What is an 'intellectually honest conversation', Mommy"?

Obama Tweet of the Day

FOX, where news is just a blur. #notaseriousnewsorg #AndrewSullivanNewsweek

FOX Visibly Throws Fair and Balanced Out the Window

I'm sorry, but blurring Andrew Sullivan's name off the cover page is just hilarious. 

FOX is like a MAD TV version of real journalism.  It's pathetic that any political candidate would talk to them, between this and the omerta (Reagan's 11th commandment) that they enforce...

"By the way, Fox News has Mark Levin on to trash my article but they are far too afraid to have me on to defend it. I've been on the blacklist for years. Like Ron Paul, too dangerous for Fox. You might notice that they have actually blurred out my name on the cover. Heh." - Andrew Sullivan

Shorter GOP "debate"


They hate government so much they all want to run it; and when they do, they run it into the ground and do everything they promised not to do and much they never said they would.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Obama Tweets for the Day

No challenge political debates, not the right direction for America. -BO  #notseriouscandidates  #Huckabee

Friday, January 13, 2012

Obama Tweets For the Day

Which is it: 'Shining City on a Hill' or 'Nation In Crisis'?  Pray for or praise her? -BO #PerrySC  #notaseriouscandidate

You w/party~divides forever by calling op "unrighteous".  But u cannot stand a _vote_ on whether top earners should pull more weight during hard times?! -BO #MittRomney #notaseriouscandidate

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Obama Tweets of the Day

Good managers and great nations put their people first. Health Care Act does that. #MittRomneyRepeal #notaseriouscandidate 

Committed couples paying taxes, married in their state. No civic "destruction". #NewtFastTalk #notaseriouscandidate

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Obama Tweet of the Day

Can it be we have a Republican presumptive who has never shot a gun before?  Strange days.  -BO #notaseriouscandidate

Did they write it? No.

This White House is going to play it safe until they are forced later on to do something dramatic.

It's still not too late for them to start supporting the candidacy of Ron Paul. There are ways, for people who are clever, without appearing to do it directly.

The GOP Picks La Vache Qui Rit

The incredibly unserious candidacy of "Mitt" Romney:

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Is Newt's Career Over, Finally?

To have pandered so boldly and lost is truly a costly proposition.

"Gingrich is a festering white-head of loathing. Which is why his smile looks so terrifying and false." -Andrew Sullivan

Obama Suddenly Looking a LIttle Bit, er, Executive

Has he broken out of his Senator-mode, his "let's have a debate" mode and taken up the whip handle, the true burden of being an Executive?

Who can say, because he does a lot of things behind the scenes, and like Eisenhower, a bit, maybe, he prefers not to appear as 'the heavy'. 

Still, this move to recess appoint Richard Cordray suddenly has him looking, acting, feeling Presidential. (It was foreshadowed on this blog - gulp!)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Platitudinous To Perfection

Clearly, he's ready to "preside over the decay" in Washington.

Look into the amber waves of grain and "vote values". Pay no attention to the things we'll do we're not talking about.

Catechized Deadhead Thanks Wife Before God

As long as Rick Santorum is being a display-faith candidate, can we question openly and honestly how it is that he put his sing-songy wife ahead of God in this thanks tonight?

Yes, of course we can, AND it is the right response to do it.  I mean, we *know* you love your wife, but c'mon.

Oblation: Santorum Is Aroma that Attracts Evangelicals Away From Gingrich

We'll wait for the returns cross-section, but one has to hazard that Santorum was the knife that the GOP "establishment" used to cut Gringich's appeal to the heartland Christianists, backed by huge PAC spending on ads.

If true, that means that Santorum, who never had much polled support in Iowa until recent days, garnered nothing more than a rejection vote, a safe-harbor "value vote", a power-pastor oblation vote.

That's just fine with those pulling the GOP's purse strings, as they get to keep up the illusion of a Reagan coalition that "works", rather than one that is a dangerous trinity for any polity.