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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Goodbye, Jersey Girl

Gone too soon, Whitney Houston, XOX:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Israel's Pre-Election First-Strike Window

The title says it all.  Think about it.

Rick Santorum, OWNING the execrable part of his moniker

"There's always a reason." 

Have a treat and do yourself a favor. Set aside some time and watch these two, one after the other. Textbook ship wreck.

"They hated me without a cause.":

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Obama Tweet of the Day

Separation of powers is Constitutional.  Fast talk about 'ending supremacy' is not serious.  -BO #NewtFastTalk #NotASeriousCandidate

Obama Tweet of the Day

Can't lead or govern with platitudes. What page of 133p opinion is "prejudiced"? -BO #W.MittRomney #notaseriouscandidate

Syria on Path to Escalation

Here's an interesting paradox: (Principled) Non-intervention creates conditions that require intervention.

It's like the Spanish Civil War, a little bit, in which everyone tried to stay out, but got sucked in, one way or the other.

Monday, February 6, 2012

An American Classic

Left or Right, you have to admit that Maureen Dowd has taken this form of political takedown to an artform.

This one ranks up with President Bush's Barberini Faun, no?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Remainderman of Reagan Devolution, "Thuggery", Will Not Be Televised


GOP swells, they stall, delay, arguably harass, and then arrest documentary filmmaker, so he won't video tape a public hearing, prompting him to exclaim, "This is not government.  This is thuggery."

There were reasons that the founders insisted on public hearings.

However, we are on terra nova with the Reagan Devolution, in which some things the GOP do are so awful that they need the continued cloak of secrecy.

About that "He made the recession worse" propaganda


What's going on with this phrase, "Obama made the recession worse"?

Looks like pretty sophisticated propaganda technique, to me.  Afterall, on the facts, this is what Obama should be saying about the GOP, who stalled stimulus legislation and made sure that a huge part of what was done, went into stimulus-inefficient tax breaks.

Now, some might say that is what Rachel Maddow called, "going after their strength", in reference to Karl Rove's super-naught-PAC.

But consider this:  one needs to know a bit of economics to understand the truth of the matter.  Or, rely on an independent expert.  This propaganda technique, used by the GOP, exploits that.

First, you attack anyone who sets themselves up as an 'independent expert'.  This is the "liberal media elites".

Then you work to make the issue seem like a partisan disagreement over the facts.  Use your propaganda TV channel and its mantras of epistemic closure, but also giveaway, right-wing radio.  People trust their "daddy", Bill O'Reilly, say, who's "always looking out for you", rather than their reason.

As such, it is a fairly sophisticated approach.  Doesn't always work, but it sure makes it harder to govern the country in a fact-based way, doesn't it?  At a minimum, you have to have the money it takes to do voter education, if the media fail in that role.