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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

GOP Makeover


My tealeaves are saying that GOP strategists have made a conscious choice to doff the jackass-attitudes that have served so well to stir up ressentiment and deliver the election and don a visage that will take maximal advantage of what looks like a chance (or yet another chance) to retake control of their brand.

Team Obama ceded the once-in-a-lifetime chance to take control of the GOP brand for good, when they decided that man-handling the GOP would "turn off" independent voters or whatever.

Democratic strategists still have a chance.

They need to pre-empt, by putting forward their own fiscal plans, before January 1st, and decisively cleaning up the disinformation in the air about "Obamacare". They also might consider communications strategies that hold the GOP accountable for their "jackass years", the wasted time, to keep control of the narrative.

Who can do this? I don't know. Geithner doesn't seem skilled enough. Orzag is, but left. Krugman could, but he's not a "fit" with the OMG-did-that-just-happen strategy coming from the President's chief advisers, maybe.