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Friday, November 12, 2010

Jon Stewart and the Media

I didn't find much in the Maddow Stewart interview, except his upfront recognition that FOX has, like a religion, immunized itself from criticism, because all critics must be "liberal non believers", "pinheads", or "loons".

Jon seems to want to find synthesis, when there hasn't been thesis and antithesis, yet, at least not like we used to have, during the days of yellow journalism and so forth.

It's not at all plain that the "correct" response to the propaganda that started on FOX is to re-dedicate oneself to the principles of objective journalism. This assumes that "the center will hold". But, the disinformation from "FOX" is starting to show the ability to radicalize the center, to marginalize it at a minimum. Besides, we had a fairly decent press of that sort. It's been losing and is no longer economically viable in its old form.

Since our politics, and therefore our media, is hopelessly bi-polar, these kinds of changes at one side of the see-saw are going to have an impact on the other side.

Some, strange multifaceted approach is probably both what will occur and maybe even what should occur.