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Sunday, November 21, 2010

College Republicans Kick Out Gay Chairman

Duke has enough problems that their President just sent out an appeal to propriety this week. Even Gawker took note.

But their troubles are just ramping up with Justin Robinette, who apparently was impeached from his position in the College Republicans. The reasons for that are in dispute, but this tidbit about the response from the Dean of Students suggests that Duke is in for a world of hurt:

When the last of their attempts to go through the student government to resolve claims failed, Robinette met privately with several administrators, including Dean of Students Stephen Bryan and President Richard Brodhead.

“The meeting with Bryan proved to be the most humiliating,” Robinette said. “He told me he had a theory that as a closeted gay guy in the organization, I had developed sexual feelings and was rejected, and that explains this scorn I have towards them.

- Tar Heel

It does seem odd that a Republican-linked organization would impeach someone simply for incompetence. /snark