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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Minority View


The "bleed them slowly" issue is healthcare, with a dash of 'government waste' investigation, if one believes that the TEA-GOP can get legs on that issue, outside of the courts.

But I would suggest that the Democrats, having the advantage on that, ought to press the issue of immigration reform.

Why? Because, having abjectly politicized the issue, the GOP now have no interest in "solving" a problem that they can use again and again to get people to vote against their economic interests, always their raison d'etre. (Sometimes I don't think Rachel Maddow gets that raison d'etre, thinking that other things really do matter and are not noise...).

So, the GOP is happy to leave the issue unsolved, so they can trot out "dangerous brown people" for as many elections to come as possible.

How should the Democrats do it? Two ways (at least). They should make it into an economic issue, because it is one. This will reinforce the pragmatism of the Democratic party. It's also an Obama strength. They could find a way to make it into a Left-Right issue, both by suggesting that it is fear of new voters, not "principle" or criminals, that drives GOP opposition and perhaps in some other ways, too.