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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Liberals on Taxes: Question Of the Day

How can Chris Matthews have a discussion with Ed Rendell on what the appropriate level of taxation is in the country, what the appropriate structure to taxes might be, but think that "the deficit" is "that other question"?

What exactly frames or grounds "the debate" about taxes for Liberals, in general or at this time?

The GOP 'fiscal brand' in tatters? The deficit? The recession? Middle class versus millionaires? 2012? Balanced budget? Discretionary spending? Wartime spending? Mandatory spending? Cost control, especially health cost but not just? The optics of "being for tax cuts"? Which party ran up the deficits and why? Who historically has benefited the most from tax cuts and who hasn't?

If you don't have a clear vision of how all those things go together, it's hard to fight a univocal "no".

Separately, it was good to see Obama recognize at his press conference that his role isn't to negotiate in the Press.

Will he recognize that he needs to reach out to the public, a la Reagan, not just to "leaders of both parties"?