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Monday, November 8, 2010

American "Family Values" Head Fake

This is what happens when a Nation's security really does depend on making sure you have the best and the brightest and when it is exclusion that disrupts the unit more than inclusion:

In February of that year [1993], things began to change. The Knesset held its first hearing on gays in the military, where Uzi Even, the chairman of Tel Aviv University’s chemistry department, testified that he had been fired from his top secret position in Israel’s nuclear facilities because he was openly living with a man. The fact that he was dismissed after 15 years of service created a national outcry and inspired Prime Minister Yizhak Rabin to rethink the policy. Within three months, then-IDF chief of staff Ehud Barak signed the command banning military discrimination based on sexual orientation into law. [...]

-Wonk Room

The gay "grassroots" should fight in the lame duck.

Outsourcing action to "lobby groups" is a waste. Whenever they sense a losing fight, lobby groups fall silent and "run".