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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Democratic Party Fail: An "Up-Down" Vote on Taxes is NOT Leadership


Staging an up/down vote is not leadership. As a political party, not individuals, one needs to mark out and propagate - good sense of the term - why their vote on taxes "makes sense", up or down.

After this vote fails, the Dems will be technically complicit, once again, in the GOP-style cuts-tax-and-spend. Next time they promise that some program is "completely paid for", should I bother to listen to them?

And they wonder why the polls of independent voters continue to suggest that they trust the GOP more to do things like balance the budget.

They had a once in a lifetime chance to show that they were better than the GOP. They started, with curbing earmarks and with Pay-Go rules.

Now, when the risks and numbers get high, all they can do is stage a vote?

That's not leadership.

It's not just income taxes. The estate taxes and more are involved.