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Thursday, November 4, 2010

O'Reilly Propaganda Watch: Liberal Policies Will Get You Killed


Remember Glen Beck threatening that Obama or liberals or whomever was leading people to "a place of slaughter" (biblical reference, too)?

Well, O'Reilly didn't learn anything from that.

According to his "memo" tonight, some liberals are in a bubble, with policies they believe in that apparently always fail. There may be some nonliberals in a bubble, but it's still called "San Francisco Syndrome", so that minimizes them - there isn't even a name for them - and no need to enumerate them for the listener!

"The bubble world can get people killed and lead to economic devastation."

Throw in an unexplained, unsubstantiated reference to Jimmy Carter and Warren Harding. Did Jimmy Carter get someone killed? Did Warren Harding create "economic devastation"? Were they the only liberals in history? Did Jack Kennedy not get us to the moon?

Indeed, the only thing according to O'Reilly that delineates reality from bubble is the fact that some people have different opinions than you might. Somehow, I think any psychologist would reject that definition of accepting reality. Hence, the question, "Are FOX opinion polls the only reality?"

But, he's played the Beck fear card, with one of the key lynchpins of the mental grip of propaganda: listening to and/or following liberal bubble policies may get you killed.

People who say that secularism has a higher bar, that religious people are the real nuts, need to listen to the propaganda from FOX. What we think of as secular, non-religious discussion is no better at protecting us from the unreasonable than is "religion".

I'm looking at the Media Matters website. They need to reorganize thematically, rigorously. They might consider finding a professor who knows this stuff, who can organize their criticism into the various types of propaganda.

Their service, keeping track, is invaluable.

They also need to find ways to get their message out to people who are "passive" listeners, beyond people who actively go to their website. It's all of our responsibility to expose the propaganda. I'm getting ahead of myself, but the appropriate response is not to remain calm, as Jon Stewart suggests, it's to get animated.

Separately, I don't watch the "Ed Show". But, I heard a snippet, tonight. Ed, I don't care who you trust or don't and whether you think Boehner is an "enemy". You're not my mullah. If his actions make him out to be untrustworthy, show it. If he is petty or mean or mindless or narrow, show it or give examples, because a label of "enemy" is just cheap.