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Monday, November 22, 2010

GOP-Tea Obstructionism: After trillions, we must spend more on nukes


Here are today's headlines on START. Can you find the one that doesn't belong?

European allies say New START would aid policy
Ex-Eastern Bloc nations tell US Senate to ratify New START
Russia, NATO call on US to ratify START treaty
Reagan yes, START yes
Lugar Urges Senate Support For New START: 'Please Do Your Duty For Your Country'

The Nuclear Treaty Rush

I can't figure out why the GOP-Tea is opposed.

They want more money spent on nukes? Why? Have they noticed the deficit? Does most of the money go to Arizona, Senator Kyl's state?

They want to stop Obama, no matter the cost, from looking smart and effective on foreign policy, too?

They want to sabotage our position vis-a-vis Iran.