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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Obama's Choices

Historians confer:

He can become like

Harry Truman : "Give 'em Hell Harry"
Bill Clinton : Hire "Dick Morris" and become "Triangulator-in-Chief"
Jimmy Carter : Don't become a triangulator and pretend that Democrats can be led
Ronald Reagan : Find an enemy and buy the American dream on credit

Or, he can opine that, maybe, with the new Congress, his original strategy for winning over independents might work now.

Tough call.

Michael Moore's analysis is too simple. A loud-talking President is not enough. What's better? A single message, from the White House outward through 'force multipliers'.

Compared to the GOP, the Dems just have a terrible time (1) getting on the same page and (2) getting in line to 'get the message out'.

Part of the problem, in fact, is that, as soon as they do it, "Michael Moore's" feel an overwhelming need to enter in a dissenting point of view. The Right seldom feels such a need...

In any case, a few words of principle on immigration, a 20 word response on health care security, etc., on down the line, would do a LOT.