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Thursday, November 18, 2010

DADT - Read the (known) Amendments

After Senator Murkowski said she wanted to focus on important things rather than vote on DADT, I spent the time to do some digging on what is publicly known about amendments that were offered but didn't get considered with the Defense Authorization Bill, in which the removal of DADT is couched. Afterall, indications were that the GOP-Tea folks had plenty of "serious" material, including flag waving in Haiti.

Here's the Bill itself (S. 3454). [Take special note of the Cuba section].

Read the amendments in the GPO's pdf.

It's worth the time for a skim, because this is one of the Bills in which everything goes down. Starts with a list of who offered amendments, then continues with the text. You see why Kyl is ape about the START treaty.

Senator Voinovich wants a "COLONEL CHARLES YOUNG HOME SPECIAL RESOURCE STUDY". That's critical, right Senator Murkowski?

Kay B Hutchinson has detailed ideas about how base money should be spent - what's up with that?

Blanche Lincoln is on a tear for military family needs. Somehow more than the lobby groups in Washington and anyone in Committee?