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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wheels NOT On Fire

Impossible to know whether the repeal of DADT has been buried in study or whether the study is actually a good tool for the military, to convince themselves that they can do it. It really is textbook to not make changes of this kind fiat, especially when significant resistance is anticipated.

Coming up with a solid implementation plan, that's smart. But trying to study the impact on "readiness"? No amount of study will fully settle that question, ultimately, because the question is one of leadership capability. (No implementation plan is going to survive first contact, either, but that's another issue).

The effort has political risks to the President.

Special mention to congresscritter John Flemming, R-Louisiana, who reminds the panel that the purpose of the military is to be ready for war "which we do frequently around here, as you know". Watch the awkward exchange culminating at 50:09.