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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guilt the Americans

The campaign continues. Layer on the guilt.

It continues alongside the strange and fantastic enclosure that, no matter what the "crisis" in the mideast or I-P conflict or the change in the Israeli governing coalition, Israel-American relations are untouched by it.

Wrap that inside yet another Israeli who just seems so perplexed that they cannot just be left alone to live the good life or that anything could or should spill over into violence 'in their city', when they have done everything to be nice to the 3.5 million or so unruly "prawns".

One can feel guilty for Rice-Bush and their flunked effort to turn Hamas into a democratically elected leadership. Although, it should be added that the likes of Tom Friedman feel that 'democracy' was what they got right. gulp. Even the author is noting knock-on benefits, reforms within competing Fatah.

But, feeling guilty over an annexation that the U.N. has never recognized and building policies that only culminate a clear, abrupt, dismissive, and often provocative tone adopted by the Netanyahu government?


The rest of the points, even the aspersions, are easily refuted.

[p.s. I've found out that Juan Cole doesn't always publish quasi-dissenting opinions on his website. :-( ]