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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Biden should have been prepared

...for the indecency of the current Israeli government.


One gets that they are defensive and upset about the torrent of "negativity" over Gaza, which went badly for them. But capitulating to the brashness and harmful bluster of the rightwing?

Their games are a nightmare, from a political science perspective:

But, since the Gaza war, Turkish-Israeli relations have deteriorated. The Turks, like pretty much every other nation on the planet, were appalled by the Israeli onslaught against the Gazans. And said so.

Ever since, the Netanyahu government has made a point to stick it to the Turks. Most famously, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon seated the Turkish ambassador in a kindergarten chair during a meeting, and "forgot" to put a Turkish flag on the table alongside the Israeli flag. He then called the Israeli photographers in and said to them in Hebrew - so the Turkish ambassador wouldn't understand, "The important thing is that they see he's sitting lower and we're up high and that there's only one flag, and you see we're not smiling."

News of that episode so enraged the Turks and humiliated the Israelis that Ayalon had to apologize three times, in progressively more abject terms, or face a rupture in Israeli-Turkish relations.

That battle is now being carried to Washington.

At least we know it is not personal...from our "friends" with Netanyahu...LOL.