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Friday, March 12, 2010

Facts of the Day

1 Fact:

Olmert made offers (the map that Andrew Sullivan didn't show you), even if we can disagree about the way in which this was done...

2 Fact:

Even while promising "freezes" and much else besides, this is part of what the Olmert government actually did. If history is a guide, Netanyahu will just double it and do it without the double-speak:

Tenders were issued for the construction of 2,437 housing units in East Jerusalem

(In comparison to 2,092 in the previous 3 years)

src: peacenow

3 Fact:

Ever notice how, when peace talks really get going or the 'conditions' seem ripe for 'making progress peacefully', that someone starts to stir the pot so that violence "rules the day"?

hummm... given that some feel that ongoing stalemate suits them, you might call that 'tactical arrogance' in pursuit of an unknown end-game

4 Fact:

There is nothing the right the world over hates more than the truth except the truth tellers. The rightwing in Israel are attacking the NGOs who 'bring it', trying to cut off international funding. (story)