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Friday, March 5, 2010

Rove, WMD and Truth & Reconciliation

As long as Rove is going to write about WMD, I'd like to just raise the same question that I have before, even if it may have been answered and I just don't know it.

Who is the classifying authority on the Iraq Survey Group (ISG) appropriation? If it was the VP, then can Biden review and release? (background)


I'd like to know how much the biggest search for nothing in the history of the world cost the U.S. taxpayer. Ad hoc reports say it is nearly $1 billion - billion. But, it would be nice to know and also to know the rationale for classification, if it was anything but shielding the Administration from public accountability.

It's not trivial. This odd secrecy occurred before the 2004 election.