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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Does Abbas really think that time is on his side?

Protesting the forced eviction in East Jerusalem.

Abbas has canceled the proposed talks and the Arab League are conferring over the next few days.

This is so stupid. Yet another capitulation of reason and strategic imperative to the passions of the moment - pride, anger, fear, whatever it is today and tomorrow.

No one has time on their side and the Palestinians certainly have less leverage than ever, with split political say-so and the pathological Hamas in power. Indeed, radicals inside Israel have made it plain that they will use what influence they have so as not to bear the cost of time, entirely, even if the EU and the U.S. keep funding the conflict.

If you are not even trying to negotiate a deal, to win concessions, then spouting anger about injustices only goes so far, right? Same for turning them into pretexts for not negotiating, right? What's worse, running away and abandoning the situation to hardliners just gives them more power.

Pulled screaming, posturing, or whining to the negotiating table is the best way.