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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Israeli Rightwing Power Grab?

I guess Jeff Goldberg has to publish rightwing material, even if it comes, thankfully, with a cute and funny header about Haredi sitcom.

Why pressure Livni? Why shouldn't Netanyahu join Livni's government, not the other way around?

Let's review:

  • Kadima got more votes and seats, even though Likud picked up seats
  • Both Netanyahu and Ehud Barak had a chance to join Livni in a coalition government before elections, but chose their own ends ahead of stability.
  • After warnings from Olmert that non-cooperation with Kadima would all come to a mess, a string of aggressive statements and evocative moves has done just that, under the stewardship of Netanyahu.

This is why Shas party didn't join with Livni, i.e. she wasn't socialist and nationalist enough:

Shas' chairman added that "If Livni addresses the issue of a million hungry children and doesn't give away the country's assets – with an emphasis on Jerusalem – we'll be in her government. If not, we won't be."

So, again, why pressure Livni and not Netanyahu to join?

Because the rightwing pressure campaign is working, maybe, to get Livni to cave in to Likud, when it should be the other way.