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Thursday, March 4, 2010

David Petraeus, For the Hour

Charlie Rose continues, putting up what is now a fascinating progression of interviews.

This last one is the best interview, IMHO.

It's wonderful that we can have dialogs like these, finally, without the rightwing bleeting on about "do you want to 'win' or not?"; "the War on Terror" (that hapless phrase); "the lessons of 9/11" and everything else that engendered the semelparous string of propositions that was strung together to keep in office a CIC and his Veep who were probably derelict for their lack of wartime prep and ended up war criminals, to boot.

What's also interesting is to watch the progression of rightwing anxiety-and-prescription. There is always *someone* who is scapegoated in such a way that 'if only not for them, we'd have our way!'. Arafat, Mutada al-Sadr, Hans Blix, the French weasels, ... right now, it is Pakistan, still. How thin.