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Saturday, March 20, 2010

'67 or Bust

Clearing the space for another hole to open up?:

As a reporter who covered the Camp David summit hosted by U.S. President Jimmy Carter, I wonder if we would ever have achieved a peace agreement had Egypt demanded the freezing of the settlements in Sinai and other preconditions for the final negotiations.

A freeze seems like a very small price to pay in 2010, if it gets talks going again, even though it seems like a contradiction to open negotiations when someone is acting in prejudice of them.

It would be helpful if Erekat ever published some maps of their own, rather than just stick to Arafat's old formulation of "'67 or bust".

It would be helpful if Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia got involved in drafting parts of a regional, post-settlement security-cooperation regime, that would keep a new Palestinian state from militarization and radicalization (by Hamas, etc.).