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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pity Andrew Sullivan?

I regard the establishment of the Jewish state as one of the West's high-points in the 20th Century - AS

Should one take pity on Andrew Sullivan?

Until one can write six or more reasons why this is a strange statement, one probably shouldn't argue against "authoritah" and admit you make "errors".

Here's an idea. Set Chris to do some research, since there appears to be an information deficit at The Dish, in terms of knowing even the basic topology of the arguments for/against, issue by issue.

Maybe start with these: Why did the Arab states ostensibly oppose the U.N. partition plan, resolution 181? Did "The West" or 181 "establish" Israel? What is the reference for "high point" - it sounds like moral highpoint? What is the moral framework for that judgment, thrown out there, left unargued? Seriously, how careless (or carefree?) a statement can one make?


And if Andrew thinks that his statements are going to advance ... a bargaining position (or vindicate him with a personal love story?), he's so wrong.

Witness Marty Peretz, who gives the temperature of the waters, these days, mocking Biden for his gushing, child-like sentiments:

Herb Keinon, the very astute observer of U.S.-Israel relations at the Jerusalem Post, published an article today titled “Veep shows Israel some love.” And in a subhead: “In Jerusalem, Biden reiterates Washington’s ‘absolute, total unvarnished commitment to Israel’s security.’”

And this was not all. Biden has his own longtime and almost maternally breastfed affections for Israel. Before meeting with the gaga president of Israel, he observed that the Jewish state “captured my heart. I make no bones about it. That does not mean I do not understand and have a great empathy for the circumstances of the Palestinians, but Israel captured heart and my imagination.”


And, he has a point, of sorts, that is NOT uniquely his own. There is plain, realist case that Israel under Netanyahu should get the 'clean break' some have asked for.