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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Losingest Fight

Apparently "the rich" so much don't want to pay for mandate healthcare that they've commandeered other people's money to fight it, in the form of taxpayer funded suits by various rightwing attorney generals.

So, what does the GOP get out of this?

I mean, most citizens are happy to drop the mandate. It sounds dramatic and terribly poor insurance design to do so, but in practice, the cost is not nearly as high as one might suppose.

In short, dropping the mandate just argues for a tax of a different kind, like an income tax or a tax penalty.

Besides, I don't understand why the Democrats play so nice. Should they offer amendments to allow State Governors, for instance, to opt out of accepting Washington-based funds? Personally, I want all my stimulus money back from Texas, who didn't suffer from the mortgage underwriting debacle and who are already getting a huge stimulus from Homeland Security spending.