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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today in Stimulus Politics

See, the problem with the ad-hoc attacks on this-or-that GOP representative who contradicted themselves on the efficacy of the stimulus, is that the Dems didn't really, really "bring it" last January, as the notion of a new era of good feeling reigned.

Someone should have put up an amendment to the bill, mandating a new apportionment of the stimulus dollars, based on how Senators voted. Assuming 40 Senate Republicans voted against, we could have cut the cost of the stimulus by 40% (or put 40% more money into states with congresscritters who were interested).

The GOP is good at these stick-it-to-them litmus test votes, when they have the reins. The Dems just don't think in those terms...

The sad truth is that we shipped a LOT of money to places in the country that were not largely hurt by the real-estate bust and so forth.