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Friday, February 26, 2010

Chait Dishes The Dish

A calm, collected rejoinder, very much worth the read.

One wonders if it isn't Andrew's view of Obama coupled with "simplistic view" of Israel that is the prime mover.

It remains to be seen whether Andrew is teachable on the issue.

I'm not hopeful.

One can listen, for instance, to his bile on hate crimes via C-span, recorded just last week, even, a disjoint and disconnected series of pronouncements, including a call for bigots to "Bring it on!". *sigh*

In his last post in his defense-against-the-dark-arts series, he was still wearing his willingness to publish ahead of real or conclusive science on the aptitude disparities among the races as a badge of courage, instead of a preening desire to be 'edgy'.

Israel, join the club. ...?

{Sorry, but the opposition to hate-crimes legislation, which includes the attendant issues of law enforcement, is really a Waterloo, for me; and I don't see the issues involved as left-right or staunchly conservative-progressive.}