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Friday, October 1, 2010

Andrew Sullivan: It doesn't get better


AS pens a metaphysical despair over the human condition as it relates to gays.

The history of gays is not prologue.

There is every hope that gay hate can and will atrophy. Look how far antisemitic attitudes have come in this country alone, in just 50 years. That surely attended and was driven by political change, by leadership.

Politics is always filled with flux and peril, minorities always suffer the most in devolutionary periods, and empires can still rise and fall, but there will be no more "dark ages", in which the sum of human learning is wiped out, perhaps true even if the microbes start winning of it really does turn out that the GOP fried the planet.

Update: I missed saying anything about the swipe at hate crimes law, as liberal attempt to "abolish hate". Seriously? Our laws on murder attempt to abolish murder? These throw-away lines, including the ones about the chilling affect on speech long after that issue was settled in the courts, are deeply unbecoming.