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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Santa Brings Gift to GOP Early This Christmas

It is Obama.

I just read his full statement.

What, in this compromise, will the GOP not like, Mr. President?

I think they're passing the Champagne.

  • The largest inter-generational wealth transfer in the history of the republic goes on at even lower estate tax rates than Bush-era (thanks Tim Geithner, for that?).
  • They don't have to face-up to having an unpopular opinion with the public, w/r/t taxes on the wealthy.
  • In two years, they get to run on "no tax increase", ensuring continual "renewal" of their inanity, no political reckoning of it. That makes a mockery of "temporary" as a concession.
  • The Democrats become complicit in cut-tax-and-spend, losing the chance to build a fiscal brand name of their own.
I'd say, game, set and match to the GOP. All they had to do was threaten to take the economy into the tubes ... and the President's judgement is that calling a bluff on that kind of overreach would have been a "symbolic fight"?

I'm not even saying that votes in the Congress would have changed, with a prolonged "fight".

What I am saying is that the Democratic Party didn't "win" the political optics of making a compromise, did they?