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Friday, December 10, 2010

Obama is King

I can't believe the drone from the beltway insiders that Senator Obama is untouchable: can't be primaried and can't be challenged.

And I don't even 'blame Obama', at least to this degree: he did what every beltway insider probably recommended and what every President since Carter has done, including Jed Bartlett: punt.

And so what about that?

Well, it's doubly frustrating, because the Democrats have been working right along (pay-go, etc.) to the point where they had a growing tracking record in support of a "brand" that they were far more credible than the GOP, including on punts and on 'interventions' (GM bailout, Mexico bailout, etc.).

I know Larry Summers probably thinks of it as just laying down a bunt, but I know a punt when I see one.