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Friday, December 10, 2010

Andrew Sullivan smokes the dope on "jump start the economy"

Andrew thinks there is a "knock out" blow, here, to "K-thug".

I could write a long set of reasons why, in addition to the stuff Krugman-sensei has already written on "jump starting" as a silly metaphor. I could laugh that the second Bush-43 tax cuts were designed to "jump start" his election, in all likelihood, because they already had fed their base quite well at the expense of the public weal, by that time.

But, what Andrew displays is not unique to him. It is the triumph of hope over reason.

The Japanese kept "jump starting" throughout the entire 90s. Recovery was always just one year away, when the "adjustments" would be complete. They are now the Italy of the East.

But, hey, tax cuts for everyone! Yahoo! There will be growth in the spring! Warning: UI extension ends in 13 months (someone elephant looking was reading the research...).