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Friday, September 17, 2010

Real Authentic Pleather

Andrew Sullivan has this interesting insight that the Tea Party folks are looking for something "real" and have found "authenticity" in ... Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, and a slew of other pretenders to high office, who make one cringe with their elevation of non-excellence, of dis-education, of the less than noble aspects of the commonplace.

That does seem correct - there is great energy in authenticity, especially in an environment seemingly missing it.

But the next layer of the onions is that their rally cries are propaganda, which has been spoon fed into a ressentiment, one that feeds on a general and irrational anxiety. That's a kind of authenticity that is dangerously rooted.

"Burgeoning Federal Government" is a joke, in the short time that Obama has had the reins. What has burgeoned is the debt, and that has been to the great benefit of many of the FOX-stirred-up and Koch-funded "Tea Baggers".

The straightforward way to reduce debt of this size is to raise taxes, at the right time.

Hence, these people, who cling without insight to a mantra that has long outlived its usefulness, "no new taxes", are going to end up cutting the very social benefits that they are probably counting on for their old age. If not, they will probably end up with a regressive $4-5/gallon gas tax.

It's a fine day, when you can get people to screw themselves (and the Republic), by voting for you, in a three pointed hat.