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Thursday, September 16, 2010

How weak is Progressivism in America?

Charlie Rose just had on some guest who uttered that we've just been through a 'radical expansion of Government'. The statement went completely unchallenged, by host and other guest.

Despite having the reins of power, in Washington at least, there is no "liberal lion" who is directing or has control of the message, is there?

Whitehouse.gov is full of things that the President is doing. What seems to be missing is anyone who can pull them all together into a message or two, one that resonates, one that emotes.

Here's the sadest picture of the day, Obama saying goodbye to Christina Romer. Following the departure of Peter Orzag, one of the few with some media skills, Obama is left with his private Hoover (and Harvard buddy?), Larry Summers. Gulp. This is the guy who may be recommending that Democrats embrace the GOP's failure, unfunded tax cuts ... good grief.