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Monday, January 23, 2012

Why Social Moderates Should Greatly Fear a Gingrich Presumptive

The fact is that Gingrich has almost no chops on social issues.  He's a walking embarassment as a standard bearer for the party, and the Left will not relent on this.  He'll never feel secure.

To compensate, he is going to have to talk bigger and act bolder, on the social issues and law-and-order issues.

Coupled with the remnants of the Tea-Party furor, his party's behavior is likely to get draconian.

You think no one would ever haul a gay-rights friendly judge or woman's-rights friendly judge before Congress?  He will.  He told you he would.  He's not going to have the room to moderate once in office.  To the contrary, the pressure is going to go the other way.

You think no one would dare grab U.S. citizens off the streets for indefinite detention, because it's outside our norms?

The list goes on.