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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Favorite Moments of GOP Constipation, Jacksonville Debate

The Spreading Santorum Award goes to Rick Santorum, who railed and railed, like a half-vest-wearing timber mouse, against both Newton and Willard for being complicit in "top down, government-run healthcare", unlike St. Rick.

Then, Rick boasted about his ties to Peurto Rico and waxed proudly to have done all he could to pass things (legislation?) and boost medicaid reimbursement rates, to help people there.*

The Republican Ideological Invisibility Award gets split.

Republican Palestinian Americans are invisible, so long anyone is firing a missile (or gun?) at Israel.

The unemployed uninsured are invisible, because they can simply be redefined as re-employed and self-insured, by a swelling economy under abject deregulation of a GOP President, etc. or having them mythically buy their own insurance, somehow, with enough money from somewhere (or with lower health costs from before the 1960s).

*(No other candidate was even given a chance to respond to the PR question, so swelled were the moderators by Rick's earnestness--what's up with that?)