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Friday, May 6, 2011

"The Idiot Hannity"

Remember that phrase from Waiting for God, "the idiot Baines"?

That's how I felt listening to Sean Hannity try to "psyche out" al-qa'ida terrorists on his show tonight.

Apparently, he believes that we can frighten them by showing pictures of dead people, including bin Laden. Seriously. He believes that they will be deterred by death. These are people who cut people's heads off for TV. Daniel Pearl. Same people who recruit successfully for suicide missions. Seriously, this is what FOX is running with. Could you make it up? No.

Now that al-qa'ida is trying to get Pakistanis to "rise up" against the Pakistani government, Hannity actually thinks it would be easier for stability and for the ongoing struggle with extremists to give them another rally point by having refused Obama a proper burial. Does anyone on "mainstream" rightwing TV have more shallow hubris than Sean Hannity?