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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dennis Ross, Part II

How Dennis Ross ... lacks the vision thing, at a minimum, even if one agrees with some of his tacks or insights.

When is the 'world community' going to realize that the wisdom of leaving the solution to the problem in the hands of the two warring parties, who constantly 'play for time' or 'call off negotiations' and posture indefinitely for preconditions, is ... no longer valid?

Everyone keeps saying that 'everyone knows what a final negotiated settlement looks like', so ... where are the strategists who are willing to map out what the chessboard looks like if we go there and just say what it is?

Clearly, not Dennis Ross.

Meanwhile, George Mitchell leaves the service of the U.S. Government, taking years of experience with him.

You'd think that, since almost all western "powers" have agreed the key importance of mitigating the I/P conflict to their own and broader interests, that we'd have a staff of hundreds, if not thousands, focused on the issue - and maybe its own DIA team, too. So far as I know (which is not much), it's still a smallish bureau at State and the turnover every so often suits Israeli (and Palestinian?) purposes...