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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tea Party Crony Capitalism and Phony Capitalism

Told you that pulling a "Chris Christie" wasn't going to fly in Wisconsin.

See here (FLKR user has a bunch of really clever signs from yesterday's protests). They are wise to his brand of phony capitalism.

And the crony capitalism, exempting police, firemen, and, at the national level, exempting the military burgeoning benefits packages makes them at least as opportunistic as anything else, yes?

[Governor] Walker, 43, has finely honed people skills, according to those who know him. The son of a Baptist preacher, he still refers to himself as "PK''-- preacher's kid -- and grew up in the small town of Delavan, with life a little like a "fishbowl."

He was an Eagle Scout, played high school sports and was in the band. His career at Marquette University was abbreviated. He compiled a 2.5 GPA and left short of getting his undergraduate degree to take a job in marketing with the Red Cross.