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Friday, December 16, 2011

Strongman Politics: The GOP Have Theirs

Ron Paul might hopefully stage an upset in Iowa.

But, it's going to be Newton. He's the one who can talk like an Arab strongman (even talking down to the jurists!) and rally the fighters, including the Christianist fighters, who, face it, just want to win, because they've made up an evil called "Obama" that's more odious than the stinker Gingrich.

The rest is noise.

Learn his keywords.  They are all still in use.  "Fundamentally" much?  "Radical" dovetails the most with Rovian messaging, i.e. continue to call your opponent something that you are, to deflect.  Afterall, isn't it radical to "abolish the 9th circuit"?  "Double the State Department"?  Shut down the government in a temper tantrum? Rush to the arms of a billionaire's bogus debate, without thinking it through?

Most telling question of the night?

It could be, "Who's your favorite Supreme Court Justice?"  Fits with the overall FOX agenda to trivialize and politicize the judiciary.

On offer is a likely return to Bush-Rove firing of US District Attorneys who aren't meeting ideologically-driven prosecutorial goals.  Gingrich's "analysis" and takedown of decisions that he didn't like means we'll likely just have another Monica Goodling and Liberty Counsel prayer-train as a feeder to the bench.