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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Fact-free Rightwing Attack on Barney Frank

Andrew Sullivan thinks he found a clip in which Barney Frank is being a "total asshole".

I've watched a lot of Barney Frank. As much as I can get. I've never seen him be gratuitously rude or an "asshole", even when angry.

The plain fact is that this student's preface, that the crisis happened "on your watch", is factually incorrect.  Even rightwing law students ought to know that if you bring the allegations ("on your watch"), you bring the facts.  I see no reason to kid glove him, really.

Prove otherwise or print a correction, no?

Update:  You can't miss today's O'Reilly Factor on Barney Frank.  Fact-free hyperbole:  "single handedly responsible", "biggest liberal of all time".    Epistemic closure, lunacy - it's not clear what the right collection of words are to describe it.

Update2:  Krauthammer joins the fray, locked into his own ideological deficit.   He and O'Reilly both seem to assume (and deliberately dis-inform their listeners) that the rightwing wanted to re-regulate Freddie/Fannie in order to strengthen its mission, rather than just make it possible for private institutions to take a bigger slice from the mortgage giants.  Krauthammer somehow thinks that there is some "new reality" for liberals to adjust to, rather than just the same old bankrupt GOP ideas to hold at bay.