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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thought for the day: Where are your jobs, Mr. Boehner?


Not to question your delusions of adequacy, Mr. Boehner, but, we haven't had any new taxes on "job creators" since as long as anyone can remember.

So the question abides: where are all your jobs, then, Mr. Boehner?

In fact, the GOP insisted as part of the stimulus that huge accelerated-depreciation breaks be given to "job creators". Then, Obama presided over a 1-year "repeal" or "holiday" in the "death tax", just before he extended the favorable tax rates to avoid hitting the economy (and his re-election hopes) and put into place even more ill-advised tax breaks (e.g. the social security tax holiday).

So, again: where are all your jobs, Mr. Boehner?