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Friday, April 15, 2011

The J. Crew Ad Controversy

There is something more to say on the J. Crew Ad that stirred up controversy with an image of a mom painting her todler's toenails pink, even after it's been tackled by Jon Stewart, et. al.

I know the controversy expressed itself in terms of the scare-tactic "transgender".

But I continue to suspect that what is really at issue is that religious-conservative parents simply do not have any (public? sanctioned?) "script" to use to handle how to raise or respond to gay kids (let alone transgender). It's outside their faith and their own experience.

No one is telling religious-conservative parents of gays that it is okay to reject the narrative "it's okay to be or do whatever you want sexually". If a religious-conservative parent wants to tell their kid that "gay is not for everyone" and you should "be gay" (i.e. commit to live your life openly and fully as a "gay") only if you truly and deeply feel that that is what is right for you (i.e. "what God intended"), that's a supportable message.

One suspects that kind of message would cut through a lot of the fear and anxiety that feeds the panic over "gay kids" and "what to teach the kids a about 'gay'".