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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tea Party Crystallizes the Ressentiment it stirred up


Who are going to be the objects of the wandering ressentiment stirred up against Obama, the socialist?

With their ill-advised tax cuts for the wealthiest in hand, already preserved, it appears GOP-Tea will turn on public sector employees, but not all of them, not police and fire or the military or anyone elected.

And the ground is ripe. They've been stirring up factless resentment against teachers for a long time, too. (They can join the "lawless, murdering immigrants", I suppose).

How do you know? Well, any solution that exclusively blames the lowest on the totem poll can almost be uniformly understood as biased, right? Fire the teachers, save the students. How alluring. Except, getting rid of teachers at will does not raise test scores, all things considered.

Andrew Sullivan, writing this, should be reading this. Who is going to "fire" the Texas Board of Education? Who is going to "fire" parents? The list goes on ...

And what about the bad cops and the bad firemen? No pressure on them from Tea Party cronies? I'll bet the average taxpayer is paying more when they screw up than for any one teacher ... Why haven't "the military" won Afghanistan, yet? When are we going to "fire" them? We could have rebuilt the entire U.S. school system for the price of that adventure...

How much are we paying for all the people writing bogus mortgage debts and those on Wall Street who knowingly hid the risks? The average taxpayer will be paying for that for decades.

So, yeah, if it makes you Ronald-Reagan Happy to utter simplicities and find truth in them, sure, go "fire all the teachers". It will be morning again in America.