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Sunday, August 29, 2010

A National "News" Company Involved in Direct Political Organizing


The quasi-religious aspect of the Propaganda Arm called "FOX NEWS" was on full display, as Tea Partiers blended faith, fury, and "freedom", into an event called "Restoring Honor".

T-shirts were passed out, proclaiming, "I was there". Parents brought their children, lots of them. If any social scientist needed proof that the kids are given beliefs, in these matters, rather than offered an education, they could have found it on full display, with fathers and teenage sons wearing three-pointed hats, other t-shirts, or "Nobama" buttons, to display their inter-generational political concurrence.

There are secular mullahs in America.

Afterall, what have Beck or Palin done that could anoint them in such a way that they could pass out say-so on "honor"?

Meanwhile, parents everywhere, who seek to instill the values in their kids of getting an education, at least a college level education as good as can be achieved, are treated to the dumbed-down aphorisms and phraseology of a Sarah Palin, exemplar of the faith-filled in politics, at least at this end of the spectrum.

Beck, following his overlord's general propaganda, instills a sense of common purpose, by developing a siege mentality among his faithful "listeners", who are allowed to imagine that they are beset on all sides by iniquities and the threat of loss, both of which are conveniently drawn to help this misled flock to vote against their own economic self-interest, in many instances.

And, frankly, there seems to be NO ONE at the DNC, who is capable of running a well concerted counter-propaganda message to these adherents, one that dispels the "siege mentality" and invites faith-filled people into a more discerning politics.